H.P.T.G.T.(Non-Medical) Exam. 2009

Ques:- Bamboo is a

Ans:- Grass

Ques:- Which state is the main producer of rubber in India ?

Ans:- Kerala

Ques:- “Diego Garcia” is in island situated in

Ans:- Indian Ocean

Ques:- Who was called “Indian Napolean” by V.A.Smith ?

Ans:- Samudragupta

Ques:- ‘Poorna Swaraj’ was demanded by the Congress in 1929 at

Ans;- Lahore

Ques:-The reserve bank of India came in to existence in

Ans:- 1935

Ques:-The first battle of Panipat was fought between

Ans:-Baber  and Ibrahim Lodi

Ques:-Ram Krishna Mission was started by

Ans:-Swami Vivekananda

Ques:-Lunar eclipse occurs when

Ans:-Earth comes between Moon and the Sun

Ques:-The lower layer of the atmosphere is known as


Ques:- Doldrums refer to

Ans:- A belt of calin and light, variable wind near the equator

Ques:-One hectare is approximately equal to

Ans:- 2.5 acre

Ques:-Who is known as the “Lady with the lamp” ?

Ans:-Florence Nightingale

Ques:-The Vitamin responsible for blood clotting is

Ans:-Vit K

Ques:-Article 370 of constitution is applicable to the state of

Ans:-Jammu & Kashmir

Ques:-Who amongst the following is the Chief information commissioner of India ?

Ans:- Wajahat Habibullah

Ques:-Where is the Central Potato research instituate (CPRI) located ?


Ques:-The international atomic energy agency (IAEA) is based in

Ans:- Vienna

Ques:- ‘SEBI’ stand for

Ans:- Securities and Exchange Board of India

Ques:- Name the award given to Indian sportsmen in recognition of their outstanding contribution to sports

Ans:- Arjuna Award

Ques:- Maria Sharapova plays

Ans:- Lawm Tennis

Ques:- Who invented Ayurveda ?

Ans:- Dhanvantri

Ques:- Which temple is located in Pakistan ?

Ans:- Katas Raj

Ques:- Forbidden city is

Ans:- Lhasa

Ques:- Total population of Himachal Pradesh under 2001 Census is

Ans:- 60,77,900

Ques:- “Perichu Lake” is in

Ans:- Tibet

Ques:- “The suketi Fossil Park” is in

Ans:- Sirmour

Ques:- Kautilya is also known as

Ans:- Chankya, Vishnu Gupta

Ques:- Panchayti Raj system in India is

Ans:- Three Tier System

Ques:- ‘Intelligence’ is an

Ans:- Innate natural power

Ques;- Who is known as ‘Father of Intelligence Testing /

Ans:- Alfred Binet

Ques:- “Education is the creation of a sound mind in a sound body” This concept of education was forwarded by

Ans:- Aristotle

Ques:- The correct formula to determine intelligence Quotient (I.Q) is

Ans:- Mental Age/Chronological Age multiply by 100

Ques:- Among simple to comple, Empirical to rational, Abstract to concrete and Analysis to synthesis which is not the right maxim of teaching /

Ans;- Abstract to concrete

Ques:- Pragmatism does not believe in

Ans:- Predetermined truths

Ques:- Who observes,”By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man-body, mind and spirit-literacy is neither the beginning nor the end of education.This is only a means through which man and woman can be education.”

Ans;- Mahatma Gandhi

Ques:- Which Article of constitution of India mention cultural and Education Rights as Fundamental rights aiming particularly at the protection of cultural and education interests of religious and linguistic minorities ?

Ans:- Article25-28

Ques:- Education is subject of

Ans:- Concurrent list

Ques:- During 1987-88 centrally sponsored scheme in the elementary education sector was launched to provide every primary school in the country with an acceptable level of physical facilities.This was known as

Ans:- Operation Blackboard

Ques:- Which Article of Constitution of India mention Education of the socially and educationally backward classes of citizens ?

Ans:- Article 46

Ques:- A national programme of Nutritional support to primary education, commonly called the Mid-day Meals Scheme was launched on

Ans:- August15, 1995

Ques:- The National Literacy mission was launched in

Ans:- 1988

Ques:- The National Policy on education (NPE) was formulated in

Ans:- 1986

Ques:- Who was the Chairman of committee constituted in 1990 to review the National Policy on Education, 1986 /

Ans:- Acharya Ramamurti

Ques:- Who should be the member of Advisory committee ?

Ans:- Teachers, Principal and the President of the Managing Committee.

Ques:- Who was the Chairman of NCC Committee constituted in 1946 to suggest ways and means of inculcating discipline in the youth of the country and impart them service training so as to help expansion of armed forces during a National Emergency ?

Ans:- H.N.Kunzru

Ques:- UNESCO’s international education commission was founded in

Ans:- 1972

Ques:- The score that occurs most frequently is termed as

Ans:- Mode

Ques:- …………………is called the Magna Carta of Education in India ?

Ans:- Wood’s dispatch

Ques;- The set of all natural numbers is not closed w.r.t.

Ans;- Subtraction

Ques;- The constant of integration

Ans:- may be imaginary or real

Ques:- The points (0,-1), (-2,3),(6,7),(8,3) form a


Ques:- The volume of a parallelepiped whose sides are given by the vectors is

Ans:- 286

Ques:- Charcoal is obtained from wood by

Ans:- Destructive distillation

Ques:- Dry ice refers to

Ans:- Solid carbon dioxide

Ques:- Among water liquid ammonia, liquid HF, and liquid Alcohal which has highest vapour pressure ?

Ans:- Liquid ammonia

Ques:- Isotonic solutions are the solutions having the same

Ans:- Osmotic pressure

Ques:- Which water is used as moderator in nuclear reactors ?

Ans:- Heavy water

Ques:- If a system in equilibrium is subjected to change in concentration, pressure or temperature etc,then the equilibrium shifts in such a way so as to undo the effect of change imposed.This is known as

Ans:- Le-Chatelier’s Principle

Ques:- Give one example of ionic solid ?

Ans:- Sodium Chloride

Ques;- The volume of a given mass of a gas at constant pressure is directly proportional to its temperature.This is stated in

Ans:- Charle’s law

Ques:- According to trhird law of thermodynamics, at absolute zero the entropy of a oerfectly crystalline substanceis taken as

Ans:- Zero

Ques:- For a reaction to occur spontaneously

Ans:- Must be negative

Ques:- Avogadro number is the number of molecules present in

Ans:- 22.4 L of gas at N.T.P.

Ques:- The poisonous gas in the  exhaust fumes of automobiles is

Ans:- Co

Ques:- Which is an essential metal of all amalgams ?

Ans- Mercury

Ques:- Limolite is an ore of

Ans:- Iron

Ques:- Epsom salt is a hydrate of

Ans:- Magnesium sulphate

Ques:- Which halogen is solid at room temperature ?

Ans:- Iodine

Ques:- Among HF,HI,HBr & HCL strongest reducing agent is

Ans:- HI

Ques:- Which is known as Baeyer’s reagent ?

Ans:- Alkaline KMnO4

Ques:- Which is manufactured by Haber’s process ?

Ans:- NH3

Ques:- Name an organometallic compound

Ans;- Methyl lithium

Ques:- The process of extracting a metal by fusion of the oxide ore with carbon is known as

Ans:- Smelting

Ques:- Isotonic solution have same

Ans:- Concentration

Ques:- Sea weeds are important source of

Ans:- Iodine

Ques:- Among Ar, Xe, Kr, Ne which nobel gase has lowest ionization energy ?

Ans:- Xe

Ques:- Which fertilizer has highest percentage of nitrogen ?

Ans:- Urea

Ques:- Phosphorus acid is


Ques:-Whicfh is the purest form of iron ?

Ans:-Wrought iron

Ques:-Cupellation process is used in the metallurgy of

Ans:- Ag

Ques:-Cupric chloride

Ques:-Laws of Newton are valid

Ans:-Only in non-inertial frame

Ques:-In the centre of mass system, the kinetic energy of colliding particles are

Ans:-Inversely proportional to their masses

Ques:-Pauli’s exclusion principle applies to

Ans:- F-D statistics

Ques:-Soap bubble appears to be coloured due to the phenomenon of

Ans:- Interference of light

Ques:-The phase difference between electric vector and magnetic vector in electromagnetic waves (em) is

Ans:- Zero

Ques:-Kinetic energy of a particle executing SHM is maximum when its displacement is equal to


Ques:-The the amplitude of the incident wave at the free and of string is a.The amplitude of the reflected wave is

Ans:- 2a

Ques:- Range of audible sound waves is

Ans:- 20 Hz – 20 KHz

Ques:- Among Steel, water, Air and vaccum the velocity of sound is largest in

Ans:- Steel

Ques:- The angle minimum deviation of a prism depends upon

Ans:- Angle of incidence

Ques:- Among radio waves, sound waves, ultraviolet waves and X-rays which one cannot be polarized ?

Ans:- Sound waves

Ques:- The order of wavelength of X-rays is

Ans:- Zero

Ques:- Formation of rainbow is by the phenomenon of

Ans:- Double refraction and dispersion

Ques:- The order of the forbidden gap in the energy bands of silicon is

Ans:- 1.1 ev

Ques:- What is the resulting material, when arsenic is added as an impurity to silicon ?

Ans:- n-type semiconductor

Ques:- Zener breakdown in a semiconductor diode occurs when

Ans:- Reverse bias exceeds certain value

Ques:- Number of spectral lines in hydrogen atom is

Ans:- Infinite

Ques:- The shortest wavelength of X-RAYS emitted from an X-rays tube depends upon

Ans:- Voltage applied to tube

Ques:- Work done in carrying 2C charge ina circular path of radius 3 m around a charge of 10C is

Ans:- Zero

Ques:- When an aeroplane moves at a speed higher than the velocity of sound, a loud bang is heard.This is because

Ans:- It produces vibrate so violently that the bang is heard.

Ques:- A cycle tyre bursts suddenly.This represents an

Ans:- Adiabatic process

Ques:- The degree of freedom of a triatomic gas is

Ans:- 6

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