H.P. Asst. Cons. Forest Exam

Ques:- After whom is Gobind Sagar lake named ?

Ans:- Guru Gobind Singh

Ques:- By what name was the princely state of Bilaspur known –

Ans:- Kehloor

Ques:-Which president of india decided to convert Rashtrapati Niwas Shimla into Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS) ?

Ans:- Dr. S. Radha Krishnan

Ques:- In which district of H.P. is Chandertal Lake located ?

Ans:- Lahaul – Spiti

Ques:- Where is Bhuri Singh Museum located ?

Ans:- Chamba Town

Ques:- Which region of H.P. was known as Trigart in ancient time ?

Ans:- Kangra

Ques:- Who introduced the cultivation of apple in Kullu valley ?

Ans:- R.C. Lee

Ques:- Vaidya Surat Singh is associated with which agitation ?

Ans:- Pajhota Movement.(1942)

Ques:- Who builted Kangra Fort ?

Ans:- Susharma Chand

Ques:- Which hydel project in H.P. has highest power generation capacity ?

Ans:- Parbati project

Ques:- In H.P. who issue the Kisan Credit Cards ?

Ans:- Public Sector Banks

Ques:- Which district of H.P. has lowest% of forest Area ?

Ans:- Lahaul-Spiti

Ques:- What is the literal meaning of Manjar ?

Ans:- Maize – Flower

Ques:- What was name of river Ravi during Vedic time ?

Ans:- Purushani

Ques:- Which muslim ruler is associated with Sikanderdhar ?

Ans:- Sikander Lodhi

Ques:- Which pass join outer and inner Seraj ?

Ans:- Jalori Pass (Kullu)

Ques:- Where did Guru Govind Singh worte his Dasam Granth ?

Ans:- Paonta Sahib

Ques:- What does Nicolas Roerich did ?

Ans:- He painted some 7 thousand canvasses on himalayas.

Ques:- In which city of H.P. did A.O. Hume decide to from the Indian National Congress ?

Ans:- Shimla (Rothney Castle)

Ques:- After the Kangra fort was ceded to Maharaja Ranjit Singh, which town became the capital of territories ruled by Raja Sansar Chand.

Coclusion:- In this paper only given the important questions of Himachal Pradesh general knowledge . And in this test paper cover all part of H.P.G.K like history, politically. geographically and current affair. So all exam pattern is mostly same. The main aim of studed the previous exam paper how to prepare and attempt. the exam.

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