H TET (Haryana Teacher,Eligibility Test

Ques:- Creative thinking is always

Ans:- convergent

Ques:- A motivated  child does not            

show which of the following characteristic?

Ans:-isolated from the group

Ques:- A teacher has to enhance the readiness level of his students. Which will be the best way to do so?

Ans:- By organizing a cretional activity in classroom related to the  partiular topic

Ques:- Concrete operation stage of a Piaget’s Cognitive Development Theory is not characterized by the following abilities

Ans:- Mental conflict

Ques:- Theory of learning  which only depend on ‘observable’s is associated with ………… theory of learning.

Ans:- behavioural

Ques:- A good school avoids which of thr following?

Ans:- Gender bias

Ques:- Among the following which cannot be the  part of  CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation)?

Ans:- Parents-Teachers Meeting

Ques:- In a 40 min classroom how will you teach by catering the needs of all students and specially students with special needs?

Ans:- By arranging an activity for all students but paying attention to the students with special needs

Ques:- Child socialization does not refer to

Ans:- a process that occours at once

Ques:- Dysgraphia is associated mainly with difficulities in

Ans:- writing

Ques:- According to Kohlberg’s theory of moral development and his various stages, which one of the following is not a lavel proposed by him?

Ans:- Individualism and exchange orientation

Ques:- Mrs. kumar’s first child walked at 10 months. Her second child is now 12 months old and still  not walking. She is not upset of alarmed because

Ans:- She knows that heis within  the normal time bound for the development of walking

Ques:- Which stage of development is known as “Age of stress and strom’?

Ans:- Adolescence

Ques:- Which of  the following does not reflect teaching for understanding?

Ans:- Enable students to mermorize isolated facts and procedures

Ques:- The effect of relation of heredity and enviornment on the individual’s growth, occours in one of the following way.

Ans:- Heredity+Environment affects  the individual

Ques:- Which one of the following is not the characteristic of creativity?

Ans:- Consistency

Ques:- According to Kohlberg’s stages of moral deveolp-ment, the individuals regards right or wrong, in terms of complying with the hopes and wishes of other people in the following stage.

Ans:- Stage-4

Ques:- According to kohlberg, the thinking process involved in judgements about questions of right and wrong, is called

Ans:- moral dilemma

Ques:- Heredity is considered as a…. social structure.

Ans:- static

Ques:- The speed of teacher’s speech may interfere with a student’s comprehension of the task if it is too fast or too slow. What a teacher should not do to avoid this?

Ans:- Have pauses between major segments of informations

Ques:- Fluid intelligence of R.B. Cattel is equivalent to

Ans:- Which stage is considered as elemantary school age according to Freudian stages of development?

Ans:- Phallic stage

Ques:- Intelligence related to monitor the feeling $ emotions of self is reforred to Ans:- Intraprsonal intelligence

Ques:- Every learner is unique means that

Ans:- no two learners are alike in their abilities,interests and talents.

Ques:- An education is reffered is reffered as child-centered education when

Ans:-preference to child’s needs, interests and aptitudes are given

Ques:- During particular period, development is advannced but takes rest in the following period to cosolidate his development. It follows the following law of development.

Ans:- Principle of spiral advancement

Ques:- If a learner ‘fails’ to achieve the certain goal in classroom, then it shows

Ans:- failure of learner

Ques:- A student learns to solvethe sums of multiplication. He uses his previous knowledge of ‘addition’.  This type of transfer of learning is known as

Ans:- vertical transfer

Ques:- “All those activies under  takenken by teacers and by their students in assessing themselves, which provide information to be used as feedback to modify   the teaching and learning activities  in which they are engaged” refers to

Ans:- examination

Ques:- Inclusion in education refers

Ans:- acceptance of all pupils with in man stream education system

Ques:- To understand it is one things, to teach it is quite…..

Ans:- another

Ques:- It has been two years……. I last saw you

Ans:- Since

Ques:- I don’t allow anybody…….in y house.

Ans:_ to smoke

Ques:- The bracked auxiliary suggests. The game (should)be finished by now.

Ans:- prediction

Ques:- The underlined phrase is

His father is the Chairman.

Ans:- subject complement

Ques:-A figure with more than four angles or sides is called

Ans:- Polygon

Ques:- A judge must always ‘be perfectly and in every way’ fair

Ans:- scrupulously

Ques:- Present day Indian urban society is labelled ‘wanting to gain things for itself’.

Ans:- acquisitive

Ques:- The main purpose of teaching aids in an English classrooms is to                     

Ans:- provide vicarious experinces

Ques:- What does underlined auxiliary ‘can’ suggest?

Ans:- Ability

Ques:- Choose the word the meaning of which is opposite to ‘refugent’.

Ans:- dim

Ques:- Keep the ball…..rolling……

The underlined word is

Ans:- Present participle

Ques:- Choose the correct indirect form of the sentence

The man said.”Let me have the first chane.”

Ans:- The man proposed to have the first chance

Ques:- Commnicative competence is an ability to

Ans:- express one’s intended meaning clearly

Ques:- Choose the mis-spelt word.

Ans:- Siege

Ques:- When a teacher eatabalishes a direct association between English word and its meaning, he uses

Ans:- blingual method

Ques:-In communiative approach to English the focus is

Ans:- on the message

Ques:- They make him ………….the Chairman……….  every year. The underlined phrase is

Ans:- Object complement

Ques:- Which of tje following methods will you use to develop an aquarium?

Ans:- Project method

Ques:- The concept of “Seed germination” can be best taught by

Ans:- Asking the students  to sow seeds, observe and draw the different stages of germination

Ques:;- Which of the following is immovable joint?

Ans:;-Joint between skull bone

Ques:-Which blood corpuscle help in Coagulation of blood?

Ans:- Platelets

Ques:-In yeast asexual reproduction takes place through

Ans:- Buding

Ques:- A persons usingg a lens as a simple microscope sees an

Ans:- Upright virtual image

Ques:- First time bacteria were observed by

Ans:- Antone Von Leuwenhock

Ques:- Maximum quantity of carbon is present in

Ans:- lubricant oil

Ques:- Which of the following topic is suitable for a unit plan?

Ans:- The different systems of the human body

Ques:-The meaning of education Throughexcursion is

Ans:- practical personal experience

Ques:- Which of the following method was invented by Kilpatrick?

Ans:- Project method

Ques:- Bronze is an alloy of

Ans:- copper and tin

Ques:- Which of the following is not objective of a science laboratory?

Ans:- To use the sapare time of students

Ques:- Following is not a property of a radiation.

Ans:- Medium is necessary for propagation

Ques:-Which of the following is the characterstics of sound depends on the amplitude of vibrations?

Ans:- Both the weak acid and weak base

Ques:- Silicious Cell-wall is present in

Ans:- diatoms

Ques:- Which of the following is/are used as bleaching agent?

Ans:- SO2, H2S, CL2

Ques:- The amount of matter in same weight will be

Ans:- least at North pole

Ques:-Learning science can be enriched if

Ans:- real- world situation be brought into the clasroom in which students intract with each other and the teacher acts as a facilitator

Ques:- The first step of  the scientific methods is

Ans:- making an observation

Ques:- which vitamins protects  our eyes and skin from infection?

Ans:- Vitamins A

Ques:- Convex mirror is used to form an image on a real object. Point out thre wrong statements.

Ans:- image is real

Ques:- The nature of mathematics is

Ans:- Logical

Ques:- If A’s income is 150% more than that of B, than how much percent is B’s income less than that of A?


Ques:- A methods of teaching in which students work like a researcher

and solve the probelms.

Ans:- Heuristic Methods

Ques:-Appropirate methods for estabalishment is the formulae in mathematics is


Ques:- If the radius of spare is increased by 50%, then by how much per cent the surface area will increase?

Ans:- 125

Ques:- If X2+1/X2=66,  then find the value of X-1/X.

Ans:- 8

Ques:- The book “Leelavati” was written by

Ans:- Bhaskaracharya

Ques:- 1.66×1.66+0.66×0.66-1.32×1.66 is equal  to

Ans:- 1

Ques:- A circle and a square have the equal perimeter, then

Ans:- the area of the circle of circle is greater

Ques:- The word “curriculam’ is derived from the language

Ans:- Latin

Ques:- How many lines of symmetry does a circle have?

Ans:-Infinite or unlimited

Ques:- Which point is not included in the professional skills of a teacher?

Ans:- Satisfactory knowledge of social matter

Ques:- ‘Correlation indicates a joint relationship between two variables.


Ques:- If the mental age of Peter is 15 yr and chronological age is 12 yr, then what will be the IQ  of Peter?


Ques:- Which one is correct for the following data?


Ans:- Mode=Median

Ques:- The 200 tickets of a lottery were sold in which there was prize on 10 tickets. If Monica has purchased one tickets, what is the probability of winning a prize?

Ans:- 0.05

Ques:- Characterstics of a good textbook of Mathematics should be

Ans:- There are sufficient solved illustrations and more question of excersice

Ques:- The given graph here shows the production of food grains of a country in different years. Find the percentage increase in production from 1984 to 1985

Ans:- 100

Ques:- Mathematics is the mirror of civilization is said by


Ques:- Which of the following fraction is least?

Ans:- 28/29

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