Solved Paper Himachal Pradesh T.E.T. (Medical)Exam. 2012

Ques;- Which amongest U, Po, Rn and Am is not a transuranic element ?

Ans:- Rn

Ques;- The element with highest electro negativity in the periodic table is

Ans;- Fluorine

Ques;- Which amongest PH3, ALCL3, C3H6, C2H2 have a triple covalent bond ?

Ans:- C2H2

Ques:- The formula of silver phosphate is

Ans;- Ag3PO4

Ques;- The property of an atom to form a bond with itself is known as

Ans:- Catenation

Ques:- The formula of Oleum is

Ans:- H2S2O7

Ques:- The plastics which soften upon heating but regains its properties on colling are called

Ans:- Thermoplastics

Ques;- The common name of Sodium bicarbonate is

Ans:- Baking powder

Ques:- A clinical thermometer is calibrated from

Ans:- 35 degree to 42 degree centigrate

Ques:- The process of reduction involves

Ans;- Gain of electrons

Ques:- The monomer of natural rubber is

Ans:- Isoprene

Ques:- Which amongest tartaric acid, oxalic acid, ascorbic acid and nitric acid is not an organic acid ?

Ans:- Nitric acid

Ques:- “Milk of magnesia” is an

Ans:- Antacid

Ques;- Which amongest CaO, CO2, H2O and N2O is a basic oxide ?

Ans:- CaO

Ques:- Sodium carbonate is prepared by

Ans;- Solvay’s process

Ques:- Butane and Isobutane are

Ans:- isomers

Ques:- The allotrope of carbon which is a good conductor of heat and electricity

Ans:- Graphite

Ques;- pH of tomato juice is 4 that means it is

Ans:- Acid

Ques;- Scattering of light by colloidal particles is known as

Ans:- Tyndall effect

Ques;- The first person to see a cell under the microscope was

Ans:- Robert Hooke

Ques:- N2 fixation in leguminous plants is done by

Ans:- Rhizobium bacteria

Ques:- Chemicals used to control the weeds are called

Ans:- Weedicides

Ques;- The process of separation of grain and chaff by farmers with small land holding is called

Ans;- Winnowing

Ques:- The process of obtaining nutrition by feeding on dead and decaying matter is called

Ans:- Saprotrophic nutition

Ques:- Living partnership between a fungus and an alga is

Ans:- Lichen

Ques:- The gas exchanging structures in plants are

Ans;- Lenticels & Stomata

Ques;- The absorbed water and Minerals are transported to other parts of plant by a network of tubes called

Ans:- Transpiration

Ques;- The areas where animals and plants are protected from any disturbance to them and their habital and the traditional life of the tribes in the area are called

Ans:- Biosphere reserve

Ques;- Yeast reproduces by

Ans:- Budding

Ques:- Fruit is the growth of

Ans:- Fertilized ovary

Ques;- Tropical rain forests have

Ans:-Poor rainfall

Ques:-In the soil profile, the lowest horizon is of

Ans:- Bed-rock

Ques:-Corbett National park was declared in

Ans:- 1935

Ques:- Bryophyllum reproduces through its

Ans:- leaves

Ques:-A plants cell differs from an animal cell in having

Ans:- Cell wall

Ques:-The number of chromosomes reduces to half its original number in


Ques:-Outermost green colored whorl of a flower is called

Ans:- Calyx

Ques:-Transfer of pllen grains from another to stigma in flower is known as

Ans:- Pollination

Ques:-Which amongst wheat and gram grow well in loamy and clayey soils ?


Ques:-The product of photosynthesis is


Ques:-Which amongest pitcher plant, leguminous plant, green plant and Amarbel is an insectivorous plant ?

Ans:- Pitcher plant

Ques;- Green coloured pigment present in the plants is

Ans:- Chlorophyll

Ques:- The process of photosynthesis, transpiration, and Respiration which phenomenon takes place in plants ?

Ans:- All of the above

Ques:- Which is the reproductive organ of cacti ?

Ans:- Stem

Ques;- Which organism is called Nature’s Ploughman ?

Ans:- Earthworm

Ques:- Ovules in a flower’s ovary after fertilization turn into

Ans:- Seeds

Ques:- The removal of top soil by agents such as wind and water is called

Ans:- Soil erosion

Ques:- The medicines used to kill or stop the growth of disease causing microorganisms are called

Ans;- Antibiotics

Ques:- Carrier of Malaria causing protozoan is

Ans:- Female anopheles mosquito

Ques:- When a disease causing microbe enters our body the body produces……………… fight the invader.

Ans:- Antibody

Ques:- Organisms giving birth to young ones are called

Ans:- Viviparous

Ques:- Adrenal gland is situated

Ans:- On the top of kidneys

Ques:- ‘Salk’ vaccine is used for vaccination against

Ans:- Polio

Ques:- Incisor tooth is meant for

Ans:- Biting and cutting

Ques:- Pulse beat is measured from

Ans:- Artery

Ques;- Which is called the powerhouse of the cell ?

Ans:- Mitochondria

Ques:- Blood coagulation disorders are caused by the deficiency of

Ans:- Vitamin K

‘Ques:- Cranial nerves are……………in number.

Ans:- 24

Ques:- Among frog, polar bear and Ox which animal does not hibernate ?

Ans:- Ox

Ques:- Interlinked food chains make up

Ans:- Food web

Ques:- There is ………………number of Lumbar vertebrae in humans.

Ans:- 5

Ques;- Dental formula for an adult human is

Ans:- 2123/2123

Ques;- Female sex chromosomes are

Ans:- XX

Ques:- Edward Jenner discovered the vaccine for

Ans:- Small pox

Ques:- Rearing of animals on large scale is called

Ans;- Animal husbandry

Ques;- Voice box is the common name for

Ans:- Larynx

Ques:- Bile is formed in

Ans:- Liver

Ques;- The other name for a fertilized egg is

Ans;- Zygote

Ques:- Luis Pasteur discovered…………… 1857

Ans:- Fermentation

Ques;- Which animal has become extinct recently ?

Ans:- Mammoth

Ques:- Which is a vestigial organ in the human body ?

Ans:- Appendix

Ques;- Heart sounds are

Ans:- Lub-Dub

Ques;- Trachea divides into

Ans:- Bronchi

Ques:- Which microorganism promotes the formation of curd ?

Ans:- Lactobacillus

Ques:- Disease causing microorganisms are called

Ans:- Pathogens

Ques;- Disease which spread through air, water, food or physical contact are

Ans;- Communicable disease

Ques:- The disease Hepatitis B is caused by

Ans;- Virus

Ques:- Psychology is the science of

Ans:- Behaviour

Ques;- Logos mean knowledge and psyche means

Ans:- Soul

Ques;- A child is born with some

Ans;- Innate drives

Ques:- How far does the mutual relationship pf parents influence child’s personality ?

Ans:- Largely

Ques;- Which is the method of socialization ?

Ans;- Punishment & Reward

Ques:- A girl is not happy after marriage because her socialization remains

Ans;- Incomplete

Ques;- The emotions of the child during the infancy are

Ans:- Mainly egoistic and untrained

Ques;- The primary task of the teacher is

Ans:- To stimulate & guide students learning

Ques:- The extent to which a test actually measure, what it claims to measure is its

Ans:- Validity

Ques:- As the infant grows his mental ability

Ans:- Increases

Ques:- Hull,s system is called a need reduction theory as opposed to cognitive theory.Who opined this ?

Ans:- Tolman

Ques:- The term ‘ developmental task’ was popularized by

Ans:- Havighurst

Ques:- The habit of smoking in students cannot be the result of

Ans;- Inoculation

Ques;- The child is referred to as an infant from

Ans:- Birth to onset of speech

Ques;- Pedagogy refers to

Ans:- Strategies of instructions

Ques:- S. Hollingsworth is associated with her work on

Ans:- Gifted children

Ques;- The term ‘mental hygiene’ was given by

Ans;- C.W.Bears

Ques:- Education psychology is concerned with

Ans:- The learner, the learning process & the learning situation

Ques:- The oldest method in psychology is

Ans:- Introspection

Ques:- Later childhood is also known as

Ans:- Gang age

Ques;- A good teacher should know or anticipate the concurrence of plateau

Ans:- Yes

Ques;- A child in school is called a problem child when

Ans:- He suggests useful approach to teacher when he is explaining any problem.

Ques;- Why are curricular activities used in teaching ?

Ans:- To assist the teacher

Ques:- Education provided to the child by the school is

Ans:- Formal

Ques;- Psychoanalysis was propounded by

Ans:- S. Freud

Ques;- Considering punishment as an insult, how do adolescents react to it ?

Ans:- Fear it very much

Ques:- Tolman called his theoretical views as

Ans:- Purposive

Ques:- What is the “Bell” in Pavlov’s classical conditioning ?

Ans;- US

Ques:- School comes in socialization of a child

Ans:- After family

Ques;- Children sensitive to being wet are

Ans;- Easy to night-training

Ques:- Halley’s comet appears once in

Ans;- 76 years

Ques:- Which is the longest bone in human skeletal system ?

Ans:- Femur

Ques:- “Pygmies” are the tribes of

Ans:- Zaire

Ques:- The hottest place on earth is in

Ans:- Libya

Ques;- The time interval between a high tide and a low tide is

Ans:- 6 hrs. 13 min.

Ques:- The world famous Khajuraho temple was built by

Ans:- Chandelas

Ques;- who wrote ‘Shahnama’ ?

Ans;- Firdausi

Ques:- Pollutant from motor cars exhaust that causes mental disease is

Ans:- Lead

Ques:- Formation of ozone hole is maximum over

Ans:- Antarctica

Ques;- The French Revolution broke out in

Ans:- 1789

Ques:- The all India Muslim League was founded in the year

Ans;- 1906

Ques;- Mahatma Gandhi’s first experience with mass movement in India was at

Ans:- Champaran

Ques:- Vande Mataram was written by

Ans;- Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

Ques;- The Kaziranga National Park is situated in

Ans:- Assam

Ques;- Jatakas are the stories of the previous birth of

Ans:- Buddha

Ques:- The Indian Board of Wildlife was constituted in

Ans:- 1952

Ques:- Name the island of India which is an active volcano

Ans:- Barren island

Ques:- Which state is the southern neighbour of Jammu & Kashmir ?

Ans:- Himachal Pradesh

Ques;- A cyclone has low pressure area in the centre.

Ans;- Yes

Ques:- The origin of Beas is in

Ans:- Beas Kund

Ques:- The largest glacier in Himachal Pradesh is

Ans:- Bara Shigri

Ques;- Who was founder of Chamba ?

Ans:- Meru Verma

Ques;- Pathankot to Mandi is a NH of number

Ans:- 20

Ques;- India’s first F1 racing track is situated in

Ans;- Greater Noida

Ques;- Among Chandra, Maan Khad, Baira and Seer khad which one is a tributary of Beas river ?

Ans:- Maan Khud

Ques;- The most literate district in Himachal Pradesh is

Ans:- Hamirpur

Ques:- When Gandhi ji visited Shimla ?

Ans;- 1921

Ques:- “H.P. Area and Language “ written by

Ans;- Dr. Y.S. Parmar

Ques:- The infamous 2 G scam is related with

Ans:- Telecommunication

Ques:- Among Bromine, Carbon, Sulphur, Chlorine which non-metal occur in liquid form at room temperature ?

Ans;- Bromine

Ques:- Soaps are sodium salts of

Ans;- Fatty acids

Ques;- CO2 turns lime water milky due to the formation of

Ans;- CaCO3

Ques:- When SO2 dissolves in water the acid formed is

Ans;- Sulphurous acid

Ques;- The property of metals by virtue of which it can be drawn into wires is called

Ans:- Ductility

Ques;- An element “X” has twelve protons in its nucleus. To which group of the periodic table it will belong ?

Ans:- 2

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