Himachal Pradesh T.G.T. (Arts) Exam. 2005

Ques:- Administration and Organisation are the components of

Ans;- Management

Ques;- Who said ‘The teacher is like a burning lamp’

Ans;- Rabindra Nath Tagore

Ques;- The classroom management concept is introduced by

Ansa;- L.K.Device

Ques;- What is the mirror of the school schedule ?

Ans:- Master Timetable

Ques;- What are the main principle of school management ?

Ans:- Equality and freedom

Ques;- The main responsibility of school management is-

Ans;- The plan and policy making

Ques:- A good teacher must observe

Ans;- Discipline, Punctuality and professional ethics

Ques:- Among Consolidated Time table, Class Time table, Adjustment Time table, and Teacher Time Table, which is not the type of time- table ?

Ans:- Adjustment Time Table

Ques:- The best way to improve discipline in the school is

Ans;- Leadership by teachers

Ques:- The literal meaning of discipline is

Ans:- Behaviour of an individual according to socially approved standards

Ques:- The 1952-53 secondary education commission in India recommended which pattern of education –

Ans:- 12+3 scheme

Ques;- The current primary education in India is based on ther philosophy of

Ans:- Rabindra Nath Tagore

Ques:- When was the Kothari commission report published ?

Ans:- 1966

Ques:- The National policy on education (1986) focussed on

Ans:- Social and cultural awareness

Ques:- Education in India is in the

Ans;- Concurrent list

Ques:- How many regional offices of National Council of Teacher’s Education are there in India ?

Ans:- Three

Ques:- The famous Wardha Scheme of mAHATMA Gandhi was first6 introduced in our country in the year

Ans:-  1937

Ques:- In which year was ‘National Council for Teacher Education’ as a statutory body came into existence ?

Ans:- 1995

Ques:- Human consciousness, according to Charvaka Philosophy, is

Ans;- Self

Ques:- Who gave the slogan ‘Each one teach one’-

Ans:- Mahatma Gandhi

Ques:- Freedom of speech cannot be used

Ans:- To incite people into violence

Ques:- What means are required for teaching citizenship value ?

Ans:- Special concepts, special Govt. & self discipline

Ques:- What is the nature of culture as a source of value ?

Ans:- Acquired, Social and idealstic

Ques:- Who raised the slogan “Back to Nature”?

Ans:- Naturalism

Ques:- What quality of a teacher have lasting impact on student ?

Ans:- His behaviour

Ques:- The basic principle of branching is

Ans:- Diagnosis, exposition & remediation

Ques;- Tryout of a programme is done for

Ans:- Improving frames, modifying frames and validating the programme

Ques:- Factors affecting learning are related to

Ans:- Learner, Teacher and content

Ques:- Motivation is a

Ans:- Psycho-physiological concept

Ques:- The concept of Id, Ego & Super Ego is given by –

Ans:- Freud

Ques:- What was the medium, of education in vedic period ?

Ans:- Sanskrit

Ques:- Who regarded Adam’s report – as myth or a legend ?

Ans:- Lokmanya Tilak

Ques:- Who suggested that the responsibility of Primary Education should be given to local bodies ?

Ans:- Indian Education commission

Ques:- For the promotion of women education, the Hunter commission suggested for

Ans:- Public co-operation, separate curriculum and women teachers

Ques:- Dr. M.E. Sadler was the Vice-Chancellor of

Ans:- Leeds university

Ques:- “Education is the most powerful factor in making men modern” This was said by

Ans:- Alex Lnkeles

Ques:- Behaviourism in psychology is the outcome of the which school of through prevalent in education ?

Ans:- Machanical naturalism

Ques:- Ramanuja’s theory of causation is known as

Ans:- Brahman Parinamavada

Ques:- Maria Montessori, in her approach to childhood, bases her method of education on

Ans:- Naturalism

Ques:- Which emotion of child is not developed during infancy period ?

Ans;- Curiosity

Ques;- Among cooperation, Team work, Remedial Measures and Supervision which is not one of the characteristics of Educational Planning ?

Ans:- Supervision

Ques:- Procedure of management of teaching- learning is

Ans:- Organising, planning & controlling

Ques;- Management approachs are related to

Ans:- Organising planning & controlling

Ques:- The social norms  & values can be retained by

Ans:- Social Demand

Ques;- The guidance and motivating are the

Ans:- Functions

Ques:- Which is the second school clock ?

Ans:- School time-table

Ques;- The idealistic philcsophy of education supports

Ans:- Moral ideas

Ques:- The documents belonging to New Policy on Education were presented before the Parliament on

Ans;- 20 August 1985

Ques:- Which is the largest dome in India ?

Ans:- Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur

Ques:- Cryogenic engines find application in

Ans:- Rocket Technology

Ques:- The national Defence Academy is located at

Ans:- Khadakvasla

Ques:- The national highway from Amritsar to Delhi is numbered

Ans:- One

Ques:- Among Diesel, Coal, Hydrogen and Kerosene which fuel causes minimum environmental pollution ?

Ans:- Hydrogen

Ques:- The word “Hindu” as reference to the people of Hind (India) was first used by

Ans:- The Greeks

Ques:- A person with ‘AB’ blood group is sometimes called a universal recipient because of the

Ans:- Lack of antibodies in his blood

Ques:- Whose signature appears on ten-rupee currency notes ?

Ans:- Governor, Reserve Bank of India

Ques:- Non- Plan expenditures of the Govt. of India include

Ans:- Defence expenditure, interest payment and all expenditure linked with the previous plan periods

Ques:- Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion etc. (Article 15 of the constitution of India) is a fundamental right classifiable under

Ans:- The Right to equality

Ques:- World Bank is the other name for

Ans:- International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Ques:- The scientist who first discovered that earth revolves round the sun was


Ques:-The 1857 mutiny first broke out on May 10 at

Ans:- Meerut

Ques:- Among fish,cow, goat and Whale which one is not a mammal ?

Ans:- Fish

Ques:- Which is the highest dam being built on the river Bhagirathi ?

Ans:- Tehri Dam

Ques:- Among Burning of coal, Conversion of water into stream, Digestion of food and burning of paper which one is not a chemical action ?

Ans:- Conversion of water into stream

Ques:- The difference between Indian standard time and Greenwich Time is

Ans:- Five and half Hours

Ques:- A judge of the Supreme                 Court of India is to hold the office until he attains the age of

Ans:- 65 Tears

Ques:- The biggest Oil Refinery in India is at

Ans:- Koyali

Ques:- The normal temperature of man/women is

Ans:- 37 degree centigrade

Ques;- Himachal Pradesh is located in the

Ans:- Western Himalayas

Ques:- Which mountain range separates Himachal Pradesh from Tibet ?

Ans:- Zanskar

Ques:- Himachal Pradesh first came into being as a centrally Administered territory on

Ans:- 15th April, 1948

Ques:- Before joining the freedom movement, Dr. Y.S.Parmar was

Ans:- District & sessions judge in Sirmour state

Ques:- Name the Bilaspur Raja who invited Gurkhas in 1804 A.D. to invade Kangra

Ans:- Mahan Chand

Ques;- Which Muslim King got Sanskrit books presented in the temple of Jawalamukhi and translated in to Persian verse ?

Ans:- Feroz Shah Tuglaq

Ques;- Who became the first Chief Secretary of H.P. in 1952 ?

Ans:- K.L.Mehta

Ques:- Which four districts formed Himachal Pradesh initially ?

Ans:- Chamba, Mandi, Mahasu & Sirmour

Ques:- Who started the Shivratri fair of Mandi (at Purani Mandi)

Ans:- Ajbar Sen

Ques:- Surya Temple (Sun Temple ) is located at

Ans;- Nirth

Ques:- Hoe many tunnels are there on Kalka- Shimla railway line opened for traffic in 1903 ?

Ans:- 109

Ques;- District Kinnaur was carved out of Mahasu district in the year

Ans:- 1960

Ques:- What is the Height of ‘Kinnerkailash’ mountains ?

Ans:- 65oo Mtrs.

Ques:- Who was the first Nazim or Governor of Kangra hills appointed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh after he defeated the Gurkhas ?

Ans;- Desa Singh Majithia

Ques:- Who built the ‘Mahima Library’ in Nahan in 1926 A.D. ?

Ans:- Maharaja Amar Prakash

Ques:- Himachal Pradesh remained Union Territory from

Ans:- 1956 – 1971

Ques:- Nathpa Jhakri Power Corporation (NJPC) HAS been re-named as

Ans:- Satluj Jai Vidyut Nigam

Ques;- Who received the first ‘Chander Dhar Sharma Guleri Award’ for Hindi Literature in 1986?

Ans:- Sri Keshav

Ques;- Who actually belonging to H.P became the Chief Justice of India ?

Ans:- Mehar Chand Mahajan

Ques:- Which district in H.P. has the maximum population density ?

Ans:- Hamirpur

Ques;- Give the word opposite in meaning to give word ‘Frugal’

Ans:- Extravagent

Ques:- Give the word opposite to the word ‘Vivacious’

Ans;- Languid

Ques:- Whenever you talk, take care that others were not hurt by your words.

Which part of this sentence is incorrect ?

Ans;- Others were not hurt

Ques;- Fill in the blanks with suitable word

President Saddam Hussain lived………………the gun all his life

Ans;- By

Ques:- The building comprises……………….sixty rooms.

Ans:- No preposition needed

Ques:- The term was well trained and strong, but somehow their……………….

Ans:- Morale

Ques:- Choose the correctly spelt word –

Accomodation, Accommodation, Acommodation, Acomodation

Ans:- Accommodation

Ques:- Choose the correctly spelt word –

Etiquette, Etiquete, Atiquette, Atiquete,

Ans:- Etiquette

Ques:- Give the correct passive voice of given sentence –

You should open the container about three hours before use.

Ans:- The container should be opened about three hours before it is used

Ques:- Give the correct passive voice of given sentence –

He is said to be very rich.

Ans:- People say he is very rich

Ques:- Give the correct transformation of given sentence –

If I could become the Indian idol ;

Ans:- I strongly desire to become the Indian Idol

Ques:- Give the correct transformation of the given sentence –

Chandigarh is the most beautiful town of India.

Ans:- No other town in India is as beautiful as Chandigarh

Ques:- Give the synonym of the word ‘Capitulate’

Ans;- Yield

Ques:- Give the synonym of the word ‘Beguile’

Ans;- Deceive

Ques:- Give the synonym of ‘trenchant’

Ans:- Intence

Ques:- Give the synonym of ‘exuberant’

Ans;- Iffusive

Ques;- Abhiskek told his mother that he had been reading since eight hours.

In this sentence, grammatical error is in

Ans:- Since eight hours.

Ques:- Vishwamitra did not succumb …………….the charms of Menaka

Ans;- To

Ques:- Change the gender of ‘Monk’.

Ans:- Nun

Ques:- Mark the option for correct spellings

Lieutenant, Liuetenant, Lieutanant, Lieutenant

Ans:- Lieutenant

Ques:- A duck

Ans;- Quacks

Ques;- The word indicating a collection of cattle is

Ans:- Herd

Ques:- Offspring of an ass is called

Ans:- Foal

Ques:- In ‘Unreal’, un is a

Ans:- Prefix

Ques;- The phrase ‘helcyon days’ means

Ans;- Happy and peaceful days

Ques:- ‘to set the Thames on fire’ means

Ans:- To do somethingremarkable

Ques:- A moot point means

Ans:- aA point open fordiscussion

Ques;- to die in harness means

Ans:- To die while in job

Ques:- to eat a humble pie means

Ans;- To accept challenge

Ques;- Give the most suitable one  word moral’

‘An animal story with some moral’

Ans:- Fable

Ques;- He is good………………English.

Ans:- At

Ques:- A place where dead bodies are buried

Ans:- Cemetery

Ques:- A person who cannot be corrected is

Ans:- Incorrigible

Ques:- A style full of word is

Ans;- Verbose

Ques;- A sanguine outlook is associated with the………………..

Ans:- Optimist

Ques:- We shall not be able to use your alibi in court unless we find someone to……………your statements.

Ans;- Coroborate

Ques:- …………..a failure of some traffic lights, traffic is moving very slowly

Ans:- due to

Ques:- There was………..knock on…………..door and I opened it.

Ans:- A, the

Ques:- True brevity……………. In saying only what needs to be said.

Ans;- Consists

Ques:- The main purpose of education during Vedic period was

Ans:- Spiritual development

Ques:- How many students were there in Nalanda University ?

Ans;- 10000

Ques:- Macaulay came to India as

Ans:- Law Member

Ques:- According to Wood’s Despatch, the medium of instruction should be

Ans:- English & Vernacular

Ques;- Who was the founder of Jamia Milia Islamia ?

Ans;- Maulana Mohmed Ali

Ques:- The chairman of India Education commission (1882) was

Ans;- Sir William Hunter

Ques:- Which commission recommended the constitution of Board of Secondary Education’ in each province ?

Ans:- Indian University Commission

Ques:- Which commission suggested to form Executive Council for the internal administration of University ?

Ans:- Sadler Commission

Ques:- The chairman of the Calcutta University Commission was

Ans:- Sir Michael Sadler

Ques:- The term of reference of Mudaliar Commission was

Ans:- Secondary Education

Ques:- Mechanism in school for protection of Human Rights includes

Ans:- International Education, observance of human rights & human rights awareness

Ques:- When was the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for human Rights (UNHCHR) Created ?

Ans;- 1997

Ques:- Which article of the constitution envisages free & compulsory education for children upto the age of 14 years ?

Ans:- Article 45

Ques;- Where in India is the ‘Centre for Environmental Education’ article of the constitution ?

Ans:- Article 29

Ques:- What actually determiners personality ?

Ans;- Heredity & Environment

Ques;- What value has been most preached by Jesus Christ ?

Ans;- Love

Ques;- Thordinke learning theory is called

Ans:- Trial & Error

Ques:- Hierarchy of Human needs theory is developed by

Ans;- Maslow

Ques:- The exponent of the concept of I.Q. is

Ans:- Binet

Ques:- Values are developed through

Ans:- Lmitation

Ques:- Main tests of personality are known as

Ans:- Projective test & non Projective test

Ques:- Guidance is supporting device of

Ans;- Teaching

Ques:- The feeling of happiness is the result of

Ans:- Emotions

Ques:- Thirston scale is used for measuring

Ans:- Aptitude

Ques:- The main characterstics of gifted children are

Ans:- High comprehension, original thinking & rich vocabulary

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