Himachal Pradesh Excise & Taxation Inspector’s Exam 2008

Ques:- India’s largest bird sanctuary (Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary) is located at

Ans:- Bharatpur (Rajsthan)                                                                                            

Ques:- Mahavir Swami is associated with

Ans:- Jainism

Ques:- “Godan” was written by

Ans:- Munshi Prem Chand

Ques:- Who was the first Indian to enter the space in April 1984 ?

Ans:- Rakesh Sharma

Ques:- First artificial satellite launched by Russia in 1957 is known as

Ans:- Sputnik

Ques;- KALPANA-1 (METSAT) LAUNCHED BY India on sep. 12, 2002 is a

Ans:- Meterorological Sattelite

Ques:- “Aryabhatta “ ,the first Indian satellite was launched on

Ans:- April 19, 1975

Ques:- Never ending power resources is

Ans:- Sun

Ques:- Kanchenjunga, the second highest (8586)mtrs) mountain peak in India lies in

Ans;- The greater Himalayas

Ques:- Number of official language of UNO is

Ans:- Six

Ques:- Which state is the largest producer of sugarcane in India ?

Ans:- Uttar Pradesh

Ques:- Bernauli’s Equation is associated with

Ans:- Flow of liquids

Ques:- Which instrument is used to record the intensity and distance of earthquakes ?

Ans:- Seismograph

Ques:- “Solan Gola” is a variety of

Ans:- Tomatoes

Ques:- The study of insects is known as

Ans:- Entomology

Ques:- The National Emblem of India was adopted on

Ans:- January26, 1950

Ques:- At which temperature does the reading in both centigrate and Fathrenheit thermometer exactly the same ?

Ans:- -40 degree centigrate

Ques:- The scale of clinical thermometer used for measuring body temperature ranges from

Ans:- 95 degree F to 110 degree F

Ques:- How many members are there in the economics and social council of the UNO ?

Ans:- 54 (elected for 3 year term by two third majority of the General Assembly.

Ques:- In which year did women include in the Indian Armed forces ?

Ans:- 1992

Ques:- Longest river in the Indian Sub- continent

Ans:- Indus (2800 km.)

Ques:-0 When a coil is rotated in magnetic field, induced current is generated in its coil. This principle is used in making :

Ans:- Electric Generator

Ques:- A thermostat is used to :

Ans:- Regulate the temperature

Ques:- Which instrument is used to measure the blood pressure

Ans:- Sphygmanometer

Ques:-The constitution of UNO is called :

Ans:- The charter

Ques:- The study of cancer is known as :

Ans:- Oncology

Ques:- Largest gland in the human body is :

Ans:- Liver

Ques:- The science of soil mangement and the production of field crops is known as

Ans:- Agronomy

Ques:- The study of Pre-historic life forms on earth is known as

Ans:- Paleontology

Ques:- The outer part of the ear is known as

Ans:- Pinna

Ques:- Who wrote “Unhappy India “?

Ans:- Lala Lajpat Rai

Ques:- Who wrote “Hind Swaraj” during home rule league movement ?

Ans:- Mahatma Gandhi

Ques:- “Jungle Book” is written by

Ans:- Rudryag Kipling

Ques:- Sania Mirza is a

Ans:- Tennis Player

Ques:- Who was the first musician to receive the Bharat Rattna Award ?

Ans:- Madurai S. Subbalakshmi (in 1998)

Ques:- Samresh Jung of Distt. Sirmour is a

Ans:- Shooter

Ques:- Largest circulating English newspaper in India :

Ans:- The Times of India

Ques:- Who is known as “Men of Peace” ?

Ans:- Lal Bahadur Shastri

Ques:- Shivaji died in :

Ans:- 1680 A.D.

Ques:- The first kings to issue gold coins in India were :

Ans:- Indo-Greeks (165-145 B.C.)

Ques:- 4th Military World Games were held in :

Ans:- India (Hydrabad)

Ques:- When did the battle of Haldighati between Rana Pratap and Akbar take place ?

Ans:- 1576 A.D.

Ques:- Which is the most expensive city in the world ?

Ans:- Tokyo

Ques:- Term “epicenter” is associated with

Ans;- Earthquake

Ques:- Who invented the T.V.?

Ans:- J.L. Baird

Ques:- Fish can survive inside deep frozen ponds because :

Ans:- Below the ice water exits in liquid state at 4 degree centigrate

Ques:- The maximum percentage of tribal population in India consists of :

Ans:- Santhals

Ques:- Una district was formerly known as

Ans:- Jaswan Doon

Ques:- The change of vapour state into liquid state is known as

Ans:- Condensation

Ques:- Why thick bricks are used for building cold stores ?

Ans:- Because thick bricks are bad conductor of heat

Ques:- Human body perspires to :

Ans:- Keep the body cool

Ques:- Dodra-Kwar region lies in

Ans:- Distt. Shimla

Ques:- When did Dhami firing take place ?

Ans:- July 16, 1339

Ques:- Who was the first Governor of H.P. ?

Ans:- S.Chakarvarti

Ques:- Indian Standard Time takes the local time of 82.5 meridian which passes through :

Ans:- Allahabad (U.P.)

Ques:- Who invented the computer mouse ?

Ans:- Douglas Engelbart (In 1968)

Ques:- Who said, “One relegion, one cast, One God for Mankind” ?

Ans:- Sri Narayan Guru (of Kerala)

Ques:- The infamous “Berlin Wall” was demolished on :

Ans:- Nov. 9, 1989

Ques:- In which year did national woman commission establish in India ?

Ans:- 1992 A.D.

Ques:- Which Indian industry needs largest number of workers ?

Ans:- Cotton & Textile

Ques:- When did Hindi recognized as the official language of India ?

Ans:- Sep. 14, 1949

Ques:- When volcano erupts which type of materials comes out ?

Ans:- Ash, Magma, Gases

Ques:- In which tehsil of Distt. Kangra lies the Masroor Rock Cut temple ?

Ans:- Dehra Gopipur

Ques:- Death panalty is awarded in the ;

Ans:- Rarest of the rare case

Ques:- Which type of soil retain maximum water ?

Ans:- Clayey soil

Ques:- Which is the only country in the world to have Hinduism as the state religion ?

Ans:- Nepal

Ques:- First popular Government in H.P. was made on :

Ans:- March 24, 1952

Ques:- Who invaded Kangra Fort in 1009 A.D. ?

Ans:- Mehmood Gazhni

Ques:- Which is the biggest irrigation project in H.P. ?

Ans:- Shah Nahar (Kangra)

Ques:- Famous song of Chamba is

Ans:- Kunju & Chanchlo

Ques:- Chenab river enters Pangi valley at :

Ans:- Bhujind

Ques:- Lipase is an

Ans:- Digestive Enzyme

Ques:- Pong Dam on the river Beas in Distt. Kangra is also known as :

Ans:- Maharana Partap Sagar Dam

Ques:- The Kangra fort was built by :

Ans:- Susharam Chandra

Ques:- What is the distance of the tunnel from Nathapa to Jhakari ?

Ans:- 29 km.

Ques:- When did the construction of Bhakhra Dam stsrt ?

Ans:- 1948

Ques:- What is the height of Kandrour bridge ?

Ans:- 80 mtrs. (265 Feet )

Ques:- How many Divisional commissioners are there in H.P. ?

Ans:- Three

Ques:- Script of Pahari language is ;

Ans:- Tankri

Ques:- Which is the largest Ginger producing Distt. in H.P. ?

Ans:- Sirmour

Ques:- In which Distt. lies 2MW Rong Tong hydel project ?

Ans:- Lahaul-Spiti

Ques:- Who won 2007 Nobal Prize for medicine ?

Ans:- Mario Capecchi, Martin Evans &Oliver Smithies

Ques:- When did the construct5ion of Hindustan – Tibet National Highway start ?

Ans:- 1851 A.D.

Ques:- Which is the biggest village in Una Distt. ?

Ans:- Dehlan

Ques:- Chander Dhar Guleri was born in which princely stste ?

Ans:- Jaipur

Ques:- Who is the chairman of National Commission on farmers ?

Ans:- Dr. M.S. Swami Nathan

Ques:- Who wrote the “Algebra of Infinite justice “?

Ans:- Arundhati Roy

Ques:- Which is the mother state of Jharkhand ?

Ans:- Bihar

Ques;- How many squares are there in a chess board ?

Ans:- 64

Ques:- Chattisgarh High court is located at :

Ans:- Bilaspur

Ques:- Flaying of National Flag falls under

Ans:- Flag code of India

Ques:- Term “Arya” denote to

Ans:- Nomadic Tribe

Ques:- First private radio station of Srinagar is :

Ans:- 92.7 BIG FM

Ques:- In 1498 A.D. Vasco-de-Gama landed at :

Ans:- Kozikode

Ques:- Supreme Court has asked the union Government to link all the rivers by

Ans:- 2012 A.D

Ques:- Consumer courts in India for the production of consumer rights were established under the

Ans:- Consumer Protection Act, 1986

Ques:- Which state has the highest population density ?

Ans:- West Bengal (904 persons per sqkm.)

Ques:- Which states has the lowest population density ?

Ans:- Arunachal Pradesh (13 persons per Sqkm.)

Ques:- Who is the father of Homoeopathy ?

Ans:- Dr. Mohamed EI bARADIE

Ques:- Who was the first Indian Woman speaker of State Assembly ?

Ans:- Smt. Shanno Devi

Ques:- What does CAT stands for

Ans:- Computerized Axial Tomography

Ques:- Who wrote “Brihat Samhita” ?

Ans:- Varahmihir

Ques:- jAP0an lies in the

Ans:- Far East

Ques:- According to Forbes Magzine who is richest Indian ?

Ans:- L.N. Mittal

Ques:- Lord Budha died at

Ans:- Kushinagar

Ques:- Low day is observed on –

Ans:- November 26

Ques:- December 10 is observed as-0

Ans:- World Human Rights Day

Ques:- What were the major causes for the decline of Indus valley civilization ?

Ans:- Recurrent flooding of river Indus, Earthquakes & Aryans invasion

Ques:- How many hymns are there in the Rigveda (Oldest Veda) ?

Ans:- 1028

Ques:- Who carried out excavations in 1922 at Mohenjodaro ?

Ans:- Rakhal Das Benarjee

Ques:- In which site of Indus valley civilization “Great Baths” were found ?

Ans:- Mohenjodaro

Ques:- During ancient times who was known as “ A Monk in the King’s grab “ ?

Ans:- The Great Ashoka

Ques:- Who wrote “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”?

Ans:- William Shakespeare

Ques:- There are 12 Buddhist, 17 Hindus, and 5 Jains caves at-

Ans:- Ellora (Aurangabad)

Ques:- ‘Black Pagoda” is located at –

Ans:-Konark (Orissa)

Ques:- Which country is Known as the “Cockpit of Europe”?

Ans:- Belgium

Ques:- Which state is considering to amend Indian Penal Code to make “Female foeticide “ a crime equivalent to murder ?

Ans:- Himachal Pradesh

Ques:- On Jan 14,2008, Prime Minister of India Manmohan SIngh &Prime Minister of China Wen Jiabao signed a joint declaration titled-

Ans:- A Shared Vision for the 21st Century

Ques:- Which Veda is Known as the “Veda of Melodies”?

Ans:- Samveda

Ques:- “India First” is written by

Ans:- K.R.Malkani

Ques:- “Panchtantra” is written by

Ans:- Vishnu Sharma

Ques:- When did Jallianwala Bagh Massacre take place ?

Ans:- April 13, 1919

Ques:- Aryans came to India from –

Ans:- Central Asia

Ques:- “Interpreter of Maladies” is written by –

Ans:- Jumpha Lahiri

Ques:- In India Diamond is quarred at

Ans:- Panna (in M.P.)

Ques:- Which membrane protects the developing embryo from dessication ?

Ans:- Allantois

Ques:- Bahmani Kingdom was founded by

Ans:- Alauddin Hasan Bahman Shah

Ques:- When sun and moon are at right angle to earth, the gravitational pull is less and…………..tides are produced.

Ans:- Neap

Ques:- Sun temple (bult by Nerasimha Deva – 1 in 13th century) in India is located at

Ques:-Konark (Orissa)

Ques:- Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev & Rajguru were tried in the

Ans;- 2nd Lohore conspiracy Case

Ques:- Death sentence is provision under the

Ans:- POTA & IPC

Ques:-How many longitudes are there in the world map ?

Ans:- 360

Ques:- Who surveyd Kalka- Shimla railway track with a wooden stick ?

Ans:- Bhalkhu Ram

Ques:- Asian Tablet Tenis Championship 2009 will be held in

Ans:- New Delhi

Ques:- Who succeeded Yasir Arafat as the President of Palestine ?

Ans:- Mahmood Abbas

Ques:- In which field is Awarded the Parshuram Award ?

Ans:- Sports

Ques:- Which country enforces Mercy Killing

Ans:- The Netherlands

Ques:- The movement of gases from the region of higher concentration to lower concentration is known as ?

Ans:- Diffusion

Ques:- Number of bones in a newly born baby is

Ans:- More than 300

Ques:- Pong Lake in District Kangra is on the river

Ans:- Beas

Ques:- Which form of Carbon is produced by incomplete combustion of fossil fuel & wood or bio mass ?

Ans:- Black Carbon

Ques:- Which is the laegest state areawise in India ?

Ans:- Rajasthan

Ques:- The relative deprivation approach for poverty measure has been adopted by

Ans:- Underdeveloped Countries

Ques:- Who painted the famous painting ‘Guirneca’?

Ans:- Pablo Picasso

Ques:- The world summit 2005 called for the creation of

Ans:- Peacekeeping Missions

Ques:- Who introduced the term ‘ Hypnosis’ ?

Ans:- James Braid

Ques:- During the sultanate period, the accession of a King was traditionally done by

Ans:- Battle between probable candidates

Ques:- Who won the maximum titles and became the elite member of ‘ 10 Slam Club’ ?

Ans:- Pete Sampras

Ques:- Who is the World Champion in the Shotgun ?

Ans:- Abhinav Bindra

Ques:- What are tides in the sea ?

Ans:- Tide refers to rythmic rise & fall of water under the gravitational pull of Moon & Sun.

Ques:- Reforms in criminal justice relates to

Ans:- Malimath Commission

Ques:- Which Indian Scienties has had the distinction of receiving not only the Nobal Prize, but also Bharat Ratan ?

Ans:- Dr. C. V.Raman

Ques:- A digital system is the one that works with

Ans:- Numbers

Ques:- Which Govt. agency is responsible for mapping and exploration of minerals in India ?

Ans:- Geological Survey of India

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