HTET(Haryana Teacher’s Eligibility Test)

Ques:-The stages of cognitive development  according to Jean Piaget is known as pre-concetual period is related to

Ans:- pre-operational stage

Ques:- The desire of a person ‘to earn name and fame in life’ is

Ans:- intrinsic motive

Ques:- The statement, “we have people amongst  us, some who are tall and some others who are dark, some people are strong and some others are weak” is based on  the estabalished principle of

Ans:- individual dissimmilarity

Ques:- Enrichment programmes are need for

Ans:- gifted children

Ques:- Which is wrong in the process of development of thinking power?

Ans:- Less intelligence and wisdom

Ques:- What is wrong about heredity in following statements?

Ans:- It includes interests, attitudes, likes, dislikes and emotional state of mind

Ques:- Which of the following is not an appropriate tool for formative assessment?


Ques:- Evaluation in Science

Ans:- should be an integral part of all activities

Qes:- Intelligence includes

Ans:- convergent thinking

Ques:- Impairment is disturbance at

Ans:- functional level

Ques:- The stages of cignitive development according to piaget is followed by

Ans:- sensory motor period, preperational period, concrete operational period, formal operational period

Ques:- Which statement is wrong about inclusive school setting?

Ans:- Develops inferiority complex within the children with special need

Ques:- Thinking is essentially

Ans: a cognitive activity

Ques:- The field theory of psychology was given by

Ans:- Kurt Lewin

Ques:- The term emotional revolution is closily assiciated with

Ans:- Howard Gardner

Ques:- While teaching in lower classes, a teacher should prefer

Ans:-story telling

Ques:- Which of the following is not a sign of reading difficulity among young learners?

Ans:- difficulity in reading speed and infuency

Ques:- The stage of human development which is called ‘golden age’ is

Ans:- childhood

Ques:- The characteristic Which is not limited with co-operative situation is

Ans:-teacher centered

Ques:-Which is incorrect about creativity?

Ans:- Creativity and intelligence always go hand in hand

Ques:- Construativism as a theory

Ans:- emphasizes the role of the learner in constucting his own view of the word

Ques:- It is difficult for teachers  to assess pupil, readiness for a learning task beacause

Ans:- all the elements o readiness do not mature at same time

Ques:- Irfan breaks toys and dismantles them to explore their components. what would you  do?

Ans:-Encourage his inquistive nature and channelize his energy     

Ques:- The teaching metho, in which two or more teachers  make a plan of the subjects co-operatively, carry it out and always evaluate its effect on the students periodically, is called

Ans:- Team teaching

Ques:- The ‘emotional’ aspect of behaviour falls in

Ans:- Affective domain of learning

Ques:- A good school is one

Ans:- Which could understand social stratification of child and makes the class enviornment progressive and inspired

Ques:- In a classroom a teacher is using student centered approach for teaching. The method is not suitable for

Ans:- demonstration

Ques:- When learning in one area helps in the learning of another area, is called

Ans:- positive transfer of learning

Ques:- The most important quality of a teacher is

Ans:- Good communication skill

Ques:- Which of the following is not   a characterstic of a slow learner?

Ans:-Abstract thinking

Ques:- Passengers ….must…. switch off their mobilephones. What does the underlined auxilary ‘must’ suggest?

Ans:- Obligation

Ques:-The English language Teaching Method that  refrains from using the learners native language and just uses the target language

Ans:- The direct method

Ques:- The coorect indirect form of the sentence.

       The policeman said, “Please move this car.”

Ans:- The policeman requested me to move the car.

Ques:- Correct passive construction of the sentence.

   ‘Someone sells tickets at the box office.’

Ans:-Tickets are sold at the box office.

Ques:- How can language be best acquire?

Ans:- Listening, speaking, reading, writing

Ques:- Which one of the following is not an eample of electromagnetic waves?

Ans:- Soun waves in air

Ques:- The example of  thermosetting and thermoplastic polymer respectively is

Ans: polythene, polyacredonitrie

Ques:-  Which of the following is not a ‘green house gas’?

Ans:- SO2

Ques:-Which of thje following is weakest Lewis Base?

Ans:- H-

Ques:- If the result of an experiment turn out to be different than what was expected, then it can be concluded that

Ans:- One should explore the possible reasons for it in the conclusion section

Ques:- The cooking gas is manily a mixture of the following two gases

Ans:- Propane and Butane

Ques:- In bryophyllum reproduction occurs

Ans:- Through leaf

Ques:-Radiation with maximum penetration power is

Ans:- Y-rays

Ques:- The mass of man is 72 kg at Earth. The value of g at the Moon’s surface is 1/6 of that on the Earth. The mass of man at the Moon will be

Ans:- 120 kg

Ques:-Which of the following  effect is not found in sound waves?

Ans:- Polarization

Ques:- Electronic configration of Cr is

Ans:- 3d5  4s1

Ques:- Producer gas is

Ans:- Mixture  of  CO and N2

Ques:-Ms. Kumar, principal of a school, wants integrated approch to the teaching of Science rather teaching different subjects seperately. The reasons of this is

Ans:- All the subjects are interlinked and a teacher can draw on cross curricular linkage

Ques:- Uric acid is the excretory product of which of the following?

Ans:- Bird, Snake

Ques:- Which of the following statement is incorrect regarding the continuous and complete evaluation in the teaching of Science?

Ans:- It is carried out once in a year

Ques:-Which one of the following is an example of non-embroyophyta?

Ans:- Ulothix

Ques:- The first step of the scientific method is

Ans:- making an obsevation

Ques:-Which of the following statement is not true about vitamins?

Ans:- They help in digestion

Ques:- Energy equvalent to 1 amu is

Ans:- 931 MeV

Ques:- After vigorous exercise fatigue is caused due to accumulation of which substance?

Ans:- Lactic acid

Ques:- Insulin hormone converts

Ans:- glucose into glycogen

Ques:-Which one of the followiong is not a characterstic of thermal radiation?

Ans:- It dies not require medium for its propagation

Ques:- Which of the following element is a donor  impurity?

Ans:- P

Ques:- Which alloy is not possible?


Ques:- While introducing Newton’s law of motion a teacher writes all the formula on the board before proceeding further. This reflects that she is following the

Ans:- Deductive approach

Ques:- Vitamin containing metal atom is

Ans:- Vitamin B12

Ques:- For what value f k, the points A(3,4), B(5,k)andC(-3,1)are collinear?

Ans:- 2

Ques:-In the textbook of mathematics the content should be developed

Ans:- in logical order

Ques:- When 73(2) is substracted from the square of a number, the answer that is obtained is 5280.

     What is the number?

 Ans:- 103

Ques:- 35/6+61/7-21/3-11/2 is equal to

Ans:- 61/7

Ques:- If x2+1/x2=34, then find the value of x+1/x

Ans:- 6

Ques:- Which of the following numbers is divisible by both 4 and 9?


Ques:- What should be added to 51234, to make it divisible by 9?

Ans:- 3

Ques:- The ratio of the length to the breadth of a rectangle is 2:1, Its perimeter is 60cm, find its area.

Ans:-200sq cm

Ques:- Find the square root of 1234567654321.


Ques:- What value should come in place of questio mark?

    (1.06+0.04)2 – ? 4 x  1.06 x 0.04

Ans:- 1.0404

Ques:- Sum of first 20 terms of the Arthmetic Progression (AP) 11, 7, 3,….is

Ans:- -540

Ques:- If x:y = 3:4, then find the value of 2x+3y/3x+4y.

Ans:- 18/25

Ques:- On decresing the radius of the sphere by 20%. By what percents its volume will be decreased?


Ques:- If a card is drawn from a pack of cards, what is the probability of getting a black coloured card?

 Ans:- ½

Ques:- To estabalised, which type of correlation a Mathematics teacher must have versalite knowledge of basic elements of different subjects?

Ans:-Incidental correlation/Systematic correlation

Ques:-If the area of a circle is A, radius of a circle is r and circumference of it is C, then

Ans:- rc=2A

Ques:- A bag contains 5 red balls, 8 white balls, 4 green balls and 7 blacks balls. If one ball is drawn random find the probability that it is not green.

Ans:- 5/6

Ques:- 0.46×0.46 +0.54×0.54 +0.92×0.54 is equal to

Ans:- 1

Ques:-A number when tripled and decreased by 15 we get the result as 120. Find the number?

Ans:- 45

Ques:- Three solid spheres of radii 3cm, 4cm, and5cm respectively are melted and made a large solid sphere. Radius of this sphere is

Ans:- 6

Ques:- How many lines of symmetry does a Rhombus have?

Ans:- 2

Ques:-If the price of an item A is 25% less than that of the item B. How much per cent is the price of B more than that of A?

Ans:- 33 1/3

Ques:-Find the median of the data



Ques:- The expression x2 -2xy +y2 –x + y  has one factor which is

Ans:- x-y-1      

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