1. Length of the string “Correct” is

Ans:- 7

  • UNIX was developed by –

Ans:- Bell labs

  • Which of the following codes need 7 bits to represent a character –


  • When you the deleye foles in windows operating system, they are.

Ans:- Put in Recycle bin

  • Compiler in computer system in a –

Ans:-System softwere

  • VIRUS stand for –

Ans:- Vital Information Resources Under Siege

  • Worm stand for

Ans:- Write Once Read Many

  • Usually, in MS DOS, the primary hard disk drives has the drive letter –

Ans:- C

  • The first UNIX operating system was written in the

Ans:- Assembly Language

  1. A Pixel is –

Ans:- The smallest resolvable part of a picture

  1. Primary purpose of software is to turn data into…………..

Ans:- Information

  1. The ability to find an individual item in a file immediatly………………is used.

Ans:- Sequential Access

  1. A collection related files is called a ……………….

Ans:- Record

  1. A……………..contain specific rules and word that express the logical steps of an  algorithm.

Ans:- Syntax

  1. …………….. is  yhe process of finding errors in software code.

Ans:- Debugging

  1. Changing an existing document is called…………….the document.

Ans:- Editing

  1. The……………key will launch the start button.

Ans:- Window

  1. To move the beginning of a line of text, press the ……………key.

Ans:- Home

  1. The………..tells the computer how to use its components.

Ans:-Operating System

  • All of the following are media player EXCEPT :-

Ans:- Indie Podder

  • Word processing, spreadsheet and photo editing are example of :-

Ans:- Application Software

  • …………….is a set of computer programs used on a computer to held perform tasks.

Ans:- Software

  • What is a c ?

Ans:- High level Language with some Low Level feature

  • What is window 7 ?

Ans:-Operating system

  • Who hae been developed by c language?

Ans:- Dennis Ritchie

  • What is Fortan.

Ans:- Formula Translation

  • Verification of a login name and password is known as :

Ans:- Authentication

  • What list of commands that are appear on the screen ?

Ans:- Menus

  • What is a Linux in operating system?

Ans:- Open Source

  • Which type of broad categories software are :-

Ans:- Two type System and Application

  • Who is the father of ‘C’ programming language ?

Ans:- Dennis Ritchie

  • Who is Known as the brain of computer?

Ans:- Central Processing

  • What is ISO9363 related to in context to banking Technology.

Ans:-SWIFT Transfers

  • In which year  Microsoft first introduced an operating environment name window –


  • Who was developed the basic architecture of a computer ?

Ans:- Johan von Neumann

  • Which computer were bult before the first Generation :-

Ans:-Electro mechanical

  • Who was built the first mechanical calculator ?

Ans:- Blais Pascal

  • Who is the first generation of computer ?


  • Which size of computer was very large :-

Ans:- First Generation

  • What was the component of first generation computer ?

Ans:- Vacuum Tubes and Valves

  • Which device is a example of Auxillary storage device /

Ans:- HDD

  • What is the example of Laser Printer ?

Ans:- Page Printer

  • Approximately I million Byte is equal to ……………….

Ans:- 1 MB

  • From where is  the Virtual memory take space:-

Ans:- HDD

  • WHAT is a stylus ?

Ans:- Input Device

  • ALU,CU is a part of ……………..

Ans:- CPU

  • A Printed circuit Board used to connect devices on it, in a computer known as –

Ans:- Mother board

  • VGA stands for –

Ans:- Video graphic Array

  • What is the role of stylus in Digitizer ?

Ans:- Writting

  • Which are the Auxillary storage device :-

Ans:- HDD, CD., DVD

  • To select a particular line in a paragraph……………. is used.

Ans:- Shift+Arrow key

  • Example of input devices….

Ans:- Keyboards, scanners and microphones.

  • What is the brain of computer ?

Ans:- CPU

  • Which hardware is used to read disks :-

Ans:- Disk drive

  • Akeyboard is this kind of divice

Ans:- Input

  • What is Arithmetic operations ?

Ans:- Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

  • What is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors.

Ans:- Formatting

  • What is the means of computer abbreviation KB usually:-

Ans:- Kilo Byte

  • What is Terminal ?

Ans:- Any input and output device

  • What is computer equipment itself called ?

Ans:- Hardware

  • What is the called the Removable Disk ?

Ans:- Floppies

  • What part of the computer stroge programs and files for later use ?

Ans:- Hard drive

  • The most frequently used piece of hardware for inputting date is the ………………


  • What is the parmanent storage device ?

Ans:- Hard disk

  • The………….may also be called the screen or monitor.

Ans;- Display

  • A binary choice offer how many options :-

Ans:- Two

  • The memory in our computer is known as:-

Ans:- RAM,

  • How many values can be represented by a single byte?

Ans:- 256

  • Data going into the computer is called-

Ans:- Input

  • What is Microsoft office ?

Ans:- An application suite.

  • How are data organized in a spreadsheet ?

Ans:-Rows & Columns

  • The blinking symbol on the computer screen is called the :

Ans:- Cursor

  • DOS Stands for-

Ans:- Disk Operating System

  • …………………..translates and executes program at run time line by line.

Ans:- Interpreter

  • ……………….is an OOP principle

Ans:- Inheritance

  • COBOL is widely used in……………applications.

Ans:- Commercial

  • BIOS stands for –

Ans:- Basic Input Output system

  • Primary purpose of software is toi turn data into……………

Ans:- Information

  • The ability to find an individual item in a file immediately………is used.

Ans:- Sequential Access

  • The …………….. key will lauch the start button.

Ans:- Windows

  • In what time the REN command is used in Dos :-

Ans:- Change the name of a file

  • Which of the following is first generation of computer-


  • Mega is 2 to the power of-

Ans:- 20

  • The storage that supplements the primary internal storage of a computer is known as –

Ans:-Secondary storage

  • The storage device used to compensate for the difference in rates of flow of data from one device to another is termed as-


  • What are Laptops ?

Ans:-Lightweigh Computers,small enough to fit in a shall suitcase.

  • Which device can store Large amount of data ?

Ans:- Hard disk

  • Which is a temporary primary memort ?

Ans:- Ram

  • What is the Formatting capacity of floppy disk(3.5) is-

Ans:- 1.44KB

  • The storage that supplement the primary internal storage of a computer is known as-

Ans:- Secondary storage

  • What are Periphera ?

Ans:- Input, output and secondary storage devices

  • What is reading speed of MICR is About.

Ans:- 2400

  • What is Analog computer ?

Ans:- Adevice that operates on data in the form of continuously varying physical quantities

  • Who was built the first mechanical calculator ?

Ans:- Blaisa Pascal

  • Microprocessor can be used in making-

Ans:- Digital system

  • What  is the technique that extends storage capacities of memory beyond the actual size of memory ?

Ans:- Virtual Storage

  • What is ALU ?

Ans:- Arithmetic logic unit

  • The CRT is…………… in shape.

Ans:- Rectangular

  • A byte can hold one…………………of data.

Ans:- Character

  1. ……………….bite equal une byte

Ans;- 8

  1. Which technology is used in compact disk

Ans:- Laser

  1. Which storage devices can store maximum amount of data ?

Ans:- Hard Disk

  1. Which is the largest manufacture of Hard Disk Drives ?

Ans:- Segate

  1. What is the full form of USB as used in computer related activities ?

Ans:- Universal Serial Block

  1. Which is not a hardware of a computer ?

Ans:- Window

  1. How many bits is equal to 1 Nibble ?

Ans:- 4 bits

  1. Which is not the part of the Auxiliary storage ?

Ans:- Cache

  1. Number of function keys on the keyboard ?

Ans:- 12

  1. Which amount is a divice, that is used in computer to add external component ?

Ans:- Port/ System Boards

  1. How many options does a BINART choice offer-

Ans:- Two

  1. Which is produced the best quality graphics-

Ans:- Plotter

  1. CAD stands for-

Ans:- Computer aided design

  1. Which memory is volatile memory-

Ans:- RAM

  1. What is the most common source of virus to the hard disk of computer ?

Ans:- Incoming Email

  1. A…………… a bi-stable electronic circuit that has two stable states.

Ans:- Latter

  1. IBM stands for-

Ans:- International Business Machines

  1. RAM stands for-

Ans:- Random access memory

  1. SMPS Stands for-

Ans:- Switched mode power Supply

  1. The lowest form of computer language is called-

Ans:- Machine Language

  1. A program written in a machine language is called ?

Ans:- Assembler

  1. A………………contain specific rules and words that express the logical steps of an algorithm.

Ans:- Syntax

  1. ……………… is the process of carrying out command.

Ans:- Executing

  1. What is the main purpose of Defragment-

Ans:-Creates free space

  1. What is office open XML

Ans:- A file format.

  1. An error is also known as-

Ans:- Bug

  1. What are device drivers?

Ans:-System software for hardware devices

  1. Who developed FORTRAN language ?

Ans:- John Backus

  1. Which key can  be used to view slide show-

Ans:- F5

  1. References to each file on a disk are stored in a-

Ans:- Root directory

  1. ……………….. is an invalid type of database key –

Ans:- Structured Primary key


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