Ques:- Patient is at risk to develop the vitamin deficiency in chronic gastritis :

Ans:- Vitamin B12

Ques:- Which is the symptom of the duodenal ulcer ?

Ans:- Pain is relieved by food intake

Ques:- PAP Test should be advised for –

Ans:- Cervical cancer

Ques:- Gastric lavage tube is used for

Ans;- Removal of toxic substances from the stomach

Ques:- In which procedure lithotomy position can be provided ?

Ans:- Perineal and vaginal surgery

Ques:- Which disorder is treated by the platelets ?

Ans:- Thrombocytopenia

Ques:- High residue or high fibre diet should be given except one

Ans:- Hypertension

Ques:- Which food item should be avoided in gout ?

Ans:- Liver

Important Questions Of Medical Science

Ques:- At which point pain occur in appendicitis ?

Ans:- Mc Burney’s point

Ques:- Which drug should be avoided in peptic ulcer ?

Ans:- Ibuorofen

Ques:- In which condition paradoxical respiration occurs ?

Ans:- Flail Chest

Ques:- Which is the antidote for heparin ?

Ans:- Protamine sulfate

Ques:- “Hospice” is the treatment concept for :-

Ans:- Terminally ill cancer patients, Cardiac patients, Potassium chloride

Ques:- “Powerhouse” of the human cell is ;

Ans:- Mitochondria

Ques:- Transformation of one type of cell into another type is called

Ans:- Metaplasia

Ques:- “Sinoatrial node” is located in which part of the heart ?

Ans:- Right atrium

Ques:- The number of thoracic vertebrae in human being is :

Ans:- 12

Ques:-  Blood groups were first discovered by

Ans:- Karl Landsteiner

Ques:- Normal platelet count in human being is :

Ans:- 100000 – 400000

Ques:- Tissue reaction is highest with which of the following suturing materials ?

Ans:- Chromic catgut

Ques:- Maximum duration of suctioning at one time is

Ans:- 10 seconds

Ques:- Insensible fluid loss commonly occur through

Ans:- Skin

Ques:- In order to lower the melting point of ice what should be added ?

Ans:- Salt

Ques:- Foe collection of a specimen of urine it should be :

Ans:- Early morning specimen

Ques:- If a wrong medicine is given

Ans:- Inform physician

Ques:- Oral iron preparations should be given

Ans:- In between the meal

Ques:- If a nurse observes signs and symptoms of blood transfusion reaction, she should

Ans:- Stop the blood transfusion and inform to physician

Ques:- The method of taking temperature of an unconscious patient is by :

Ans:- Axilla

Ques:- Soap and water enema is a form of :

Ans:- Cleansing enema

Ques:- The method of applying medication to the skin is known as

Ans:- Inunction

Ques:- Difference between apical and radial pulse is called

Ans:- Pulse deficit

Ques:- Blood stain should be removed by

Ans:- Boric solution

Ques:- All are comfort devices except

Ans:- Makintosh

Ques:- Mercury is used in a thermometer because

Ans:- It does not stick to the sides of thermometer

Ques:- Cholera patient will pass

Ans:- Rice water stools

Ques:- The scientific principle used in bowel wash is

Ans:- Diffusion

Ques:- What type of bandage should be used to hold perineal dressing in position ?

Ans:- “T” bandage

Ques:- Coughing up of the blood is known as

Ans:- Malaena

Ques:- Foot drop can prevented in the bed to patient by the use of

Ans:- Splint

Ques:- The rhythm of the pulse is

Ans:- Spacing of the beats

Ques;- Blood in sputum is called

Ans:- Haemoptysis

Ques:- Examination of the ear is done with the help of

Ans;- Otoscope

Ques:- The enamel of the tooth is destroyed by

Ans:- Acid media

Ques:- Dark and tarry stool are known as

Ans:- Melaena

Ques:- For collecting sterile specimen of urine it should be collected from

Ans:- First stream

Ques:- Artificial feeding is also known as

Ans:- Gavage

Ques:- Which of the following is not a parameter for “Glasgow Coma Scale “ ?

Ans:- Papillary response

Ques:- ‘Bleeding gums’is a feature of deficiency of which of the following vitamins ?

Ans:- Vitamin C

Ques:- Alfred Binet is associated with

Ans;- Personality Testing

Ques:- Which of the following medicines is useful in the treatment of organophosphorus poisoning ?

Ans:- Atropine

Ques:- Which of the following medicines is useful for reducing raised intracranial pressure ?

Ans:- I.V. Mannitol

Ques;- In case of hyperthyroidism, which of the following is increased ?

Ans:- T3, T4, TSH

Ques:- Which of the following is not an essential amino acid ?

Ans:- Arginine

Ques:- Of the following type of insulin, which is the most rapid acting ?

Ans:- Regular

Ques:- Deficiency of Vitamin D in body may lead to

Ans:- Rickets

Ques:- Total loss of speech is termed as

Ans:- Aphonia

Ques:- Deficiency of calcium in blood may lead to

Ans:- Tetany

Ques:- Biological Death occure after how much time of cardiac arrest ?

Ans:- 10 minutes

Ques:- Blood clot contains………………………

Ans:- Blood cells and fibrin

Ques:- Contraction of blood vessels is called

Ans;- Serotonin

Ques:- Skin is waterproof due to

Ans:- Keratin

Ques:- Exact meaning of Anaemia is

Ans:- Deficiency of blood

Ques:- Function of pancreas is

Ans:- To help in digestion , to secrete insulin hormone

Ques:- Colour of single Red Blood Cell is

Ans:- Yellow

Ques:- Vomiting centre of body is………………

Ans:- Medulla oblongata

Ques:- Which organ is called heat regulating centre of body ?

Ans:- Hypothalamus

Ques:- Psychoanalysis includes all of these except………………

Ans:- De-association, Analysis of transference, Exploring expressed thoughts

Ques:- Out of total body weight, the amount of blood is

Ans:- 1/12th

Ques:- Time taken by the digested food to reach small intestine is……………

Ans:- 4 hours

Ques:- Normal amount of saliva secreted per day is …………….

Ans:- 3 litres

Ques:- Quantity of food stored in stomach is……………..

Ans:- 1.5 litres

Ques:- The bone in the body that is not in connection with another bone is ………………

Ans:- Hyoid bone

Ques:- Stomach produces how much amount of gastric juice per day ?

Ans:- 1.5 litres

Ques:- Which is thew largest organ of the digestive system ?

Ans:- Small intestine

Ques:- Hair grows at a rate of ………………

Ans:- 0.5 mm/day

Ques:- Cenophobia is a type of phobia due to………………..

Ans:- Open space

Ques:- Which vein should be used for administering PN (Parenteral nutritia) ?

Ans:- Subclavian vein

Ques:- ‘Tetany’ can be produced by which of the following electrolyte

disturbance ?

Ans:- Hypocalcemia

Ques:- “Klebs Loeffler bacillus” is the name of which of the following bacteria ?

Ans:- Corynebacterium diphtheria

Ques:- Which of the following is not a species of Plasmodium parasite ?

Ans:- Plasmodium mexicana

Ques:- Life cycle of malarial parasite was first described by

Ans:- Ronald Ross

Ques:- Which of the following is recommended along with intravenous administration of Quinine Sulphate for treatment of melaria ?

Ans:- Glucose

Ques:- “MMR vaccine” provides protection against all of the following diseases except

Ans:- Meningococcal meningitis

Ques:- HIV virus belongs to which of the following groups ?

Ans:- Retro virus

Ques:- Which of the following diseases is not transmitted by airborne droplets ?

Ans:- Polio myelitis

Ques:- Which infecting serotype of dengue virus is most dangerous ?

Ans:- Type – 2

Ques:- According to national immunization schedule, immunization for how many disease is done in infants ?

Ans:- 7

Ques:- The diagnosis investigation for typhoid fever is

Ans:- Widal Test

Ques:- Muscle wasting disease is

Ans:- TB

Ques:- The vaccine of Rabies comes under

Ans:- Inactivated or killed vaccines

Ques:- The vaccine DPT stands for

Ans:- Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus

Ques:- The administration of Measles of Measles vaccine at the time of

Ans:- 9 months

Ques:- National Tuberculosis Programme launched in the year

Ans:- 1985

Ques:- How many tablets are recommended by WHO for presumptive treatment of the malaria ?

Ans:- 4 Tablets

Ques:- In the following diseases, the longest incubation period is for

Ans:- Mumps

Ques:- Vaccines in PHC are preserved in

Ans:- Cold Box

Ques:- Iron deficiency anaemia is caused by

Ans:- Hook worm

Ques:- Which vaccine is not included in National Immunization Schedule ?

Ans:- Typhoid

Ques:- To treat anaemia…………..is given along with iron preparation.

Ans:-Vitamin C

Ques:- Chemical which is used for purification of water is

Ans:- Potassium Nitrate

Ques:- Who is the father of Indian Surgery ?

Ans:- Susruta

Ques:- “MMR” vaccine is given on

Ans:- 20th month]

Ques:- When the multipurpose worker scheme was launched ?

Ans:- 1974

Ques:- When the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) was launched ?

Ans;- 5th March ,2005

Ques:- ‘MMR’ vaccine means

Ans:- Mumps, Measles and Rubella

Ques:- Which of the following programme launched in 1995 in India ?

Ans:- Pulse Polio Immunization Programme

Ques:- Which of the following vaccine prepared to protect from Tuberculosis ?

Ans:- BCG

Ques:- What is ASHA?

Ans:- Accredited Social Health Activist

Ques:- When the Janani Suraksha Yojna was launched ?

Ans:- 12 April, 2005

Ques:- How many population is covered by a Community Health Centre (CHC) ?

Ans:- 50000 to 80000

Ques:- How much population is covered by a subcentra ?

Ans:- 5000

Ques:- In which year the Indian Red Cross Society was established ?

Ans:- 1920

Ques:- When the village Health Guide was introduced ?

Ans:- 2nd October , 1977

Ques:- What is disinfection process ?

Ans:- Destroying micro-organisms excluding spores

Ques:- Mortality rate means

Ans:- Crude death rate

Ques:- Case control study is also known as

Ans:- Retrospective studies

Ques:- When UIP (Universal Immunization Programme) was launched ?

Ans:- November, 1985

Ques:- What is the interval between 1st and 2nd  dose of DPT and OPV ?

Ans:- Not less than one month

Ques:- Vitamin A is given at

Ans:- 9th month, 18th month, 24th month, 30th month and 36th month

Ques:- Eligible couple means

Ans:- Currently married couple wherein the wife is in the reproductive age i.e. 15 to 45 years.

Ques:- What are natural methods of family planning ?

Ans:- Safe period, Breast feeding

Ques:- Secretion from mother’s breast following delivery is called

Ans:- Sequestrum

Ques:- Switching from mother’s breast milk to normal feeding in infants is called

Ans:- Weaning

Ques:- During pregnancy,deficiency of which of the following leads to neural tube defects ?

Ans:- Folic Acid

Ques:- During which stage of labour, placenta is delivered ?

Ans:- 3rd

Ques:- After delivery, which of the following medicines can be used to suppress lactation ?

Ans:- Bromocriptine

Ques:- In premature labour, which of the following medicines is used for the newborn ?

Ans:- Dexamethasone

Ques:- Which abdominal grip is used to assess the descent of head in a pregnant woman ?

Ans:- Pelvic – 2

Ques:- After delivery breastfeeding shou;d be given

Ans:- As early as possible

Ques:- Most widely used contraceptive method is

Ans:- Sterilization

Ques:- Gestational sac can be seen in Sonagraphy during

Ans:- 5 to 6 weeks

Ques:- Total number of chromosomes in ovum is

Ans:- 23

Ques:- In the Labour Episiotomy is done in

Ans:- 2nd stage

Ques:- During pregnancy rate of oxygen consumption increases by

Ans:- 20 – 30 %

Ques:- Pregnant uterus becomes abdominal organ in…………………..weeks.

Ans:- 12

Ques:- Implantation occurs in the uterus on the…………………….

Ans:- 4th day

Ques:- Which of the following Gas is used in Laparoscopy ?

Ans:- CO2

Ques:- The total weight gain in normal pregnancy is

Ans:- 11 kg

Ques:- Contraindication in threatened abortion is

Ans:- Enema

Ques:- Threatened abortion is bleeding before

Ans:- 28th week of pregnancy

Ques:- If mother gets Rubella after 4th month of pregnancy, her baby will be

Ans:- Mentally retarded

Ques:- The blood vessels in the umbilical cord consists of

Ans:- 2 arteries and 1 vein

Ques:- 100 gms of human milk contains

Ans:- 7 gms of sugar

Ques:- The safest method of termination of pregnancy before 12 weeks is

Ans:- Dilatation and curettage

Ques:- The term ‘epicentra’ is associated with

Ans:- Earthquakes

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