A right circular cone whose slant height is 10cm and base radius is 7cm. The curved surface area will be

Ans:- 220 cm2

Ques:- The factors of x2 + 10x +21 are

Ans:- (x+3) (x+7)

Ques:- The cube of number 8000  is

Ans:- 20

Ques:- A Square whose side is 12cm. Then its perimeter  will be

Ans:- 48 cm

Ques:- A man got 10% in his salary. If his new salary is Rs 1,54,000. Then his original salary is

Ans:- Rs 1,40,000

Ques:- How many multiple 4 lie between 10 and 250?

Ans:- 60

Ques:- Meeta saves Rs 400 from her salary. If this is 10% of her salary. What is her salary?

Ans:- Rs 4000

Ques:- Surface area of Cube is ….

Ans:- 6a2

Ques:- If 60% of (x-y)= 40% of (x+y). Then what percentage of x is y?

Ans:-20 %

Ques:-Find the missing number in the series 2,5,11,20,32,47,…..86

Ans:- 65

Ques:- If  x+y= 18 and xy=72. what is the value of (x2)+(y2)

Ans:- 180

Ques:- What is the additive inverse of -3/7

Ans:- 3/7

Ques:- 81 : 27 : : 93 : ?

Ans:- 31

Ques:- For what value of k, the number 7236k2 is divisible by 8 ?

Ans:- 7

Ques:-Find a pythagoras Triplet whose one number is 12.

Ans:- (12, 35, 37)

Ques:- Find the smallest squar number which is exactly divisible by 4, 9 and 10

Ans:- 360

Ques:- What would be the proper asscending order of the following

Ans:- (54213)

Ques:- Largest four number digit is

Ans:- 9999

Ques:- Find the smallest number by which 216 should be divided to make the result a perfect square.

Ans:- 6

Ques:- Which will be the smallest number of 7 digits using 0,1,2,3,4,5,and 6?

Ans:- 1023456

Ques:- The age of Raju,s father is 5 times more then the three times the age of Raju what is the age of Raju. If his father’s age is 44 years.

Ans:-13 years

Ques:- Arjun is twice as old as Shriya. Five years ago his age was three times Shriya’s age. Find their present ages.

Ans:- 10 years, 20 years

Ques:- The diagonals of a rhombus are 7.5 cm and 12 cm. Find its area?

Ans:- 45Cm2

Ques:- The surface area of sphere of radius 14 cm is :

Ans:- 2464 Cm2

Ques:- Who directed the film ‘1942 A Love Story’-

Ans:Vindu Vinod Chopra

Ques:- Which is the capital of Telengana State-

Ans:- Hydrabad

Ques:- Which country is the leading producer of ‘Coffee;-

Ans:- Brazil

Ques:- ‘KALANDI’ is the vedic name of which river

Ans:- Yamuna

Ques:- Shong Tong Karacham Hydro power Project is located on which river-

Ans:- Satluj

Ques:- Who was the first lady Speaker of H.P vidhan sabha-

Ans:- Vidya stokes

Ques:- When was Bilaspur merged with Himachal Pradesh –

Ans:- 1954

Ques:-Who was founded of Mandi State-

Ans:- Ajber Sen

Ques:- Who was the leader of Dhami Movement in 1939

Ans:- Bhagmal Southa Ques:- Who was the first Goveronment of Himachal Pradesh?

Ans:- S. Chakarborty

Ques:- The mountain peak called ‘SACHA’ is located in which distric of Himachal Pradesh?

Ans:- Kullu

Ques:- What is the vedicname of river Satluj Flowing in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Sutudri

Ques:- Which is the largest Natural Lake in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Renuka Lake

Ques:- Himachal Pradesh has the worst drey place?

Ans:- Spiti

Ques:- Which country won the title of women’s T- 20 criket world cup in november 2018?

Ans:- Australia

Ques:- When was the first train started in India ?

Ans:- April 16, 1853

Ques:- Which country is called ‘Cockpit of Europe’.

Ans:- Belguim

Ques:- What place was India received in the Global Talent Ranking released in november 2018 ?

Ans:- 53th

Ques:- How many members are elected to the Rajha Sabha from Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- 3

Ques:- Which game is related to ‘Santosh  Trophy’?

Ans:- Football

Ques:- xxxii Olymic Games 2020 will be held at

 Ans:-Tokyo (Japan)

Ques:- National Academy of Agricultural Rasearch Mnagement (NAARM) is located at-

Ans:-In Hyderabad

Ques:- Full form of ‘OMR’ is

Ans:-Optical Mark Reader

Ques:- Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated on –

Ans:- 7 December

Ques:- ‘National Integration Day ‘ Is celebrated on –

Ans:- 19 November

Ques:- Change into passive voice. Do not waste your time.

Ans:- Let your time not be wasted.

Ques:- In the following question choose the word whch expresses the same  meaning of the given word:


Ans:- Desire

Ques:- Synonyym of ‘Vent’

Ans:- Opening

Ques:- Fill in the blanks

English is not————— easy subject.

Ans:- An

Ques;- Young one of ‘Sheep’

Ans:- Lamb

Ques:- The patient was —————— Weak to Move

Ans:- Too

Ques:- A————– of cattle

Ans:- Herd

Ques:- Write the synonyn of the word



Ques:- He divided the work _____________ the Workers.

Ans:- Among

Ques:- Choose the correct preposition to make sentence a meaningful one.

 I shall return ______________a week

Ans:- Within

Ques:- His father deals _________ clothes.

Ans:- In

Choose the correct passive voice.

Ques:- Who is calling you?

Ans:- By whom are you being called ?

Ques:- Usha won a race.

Ans:- A race was won by Usha.

Ques:- Correctly spelt word


Ques:- Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given word.


Ans:- Occupation

Ques:- Imperious

Ans:- Proud

Choose the word which express the opposite of the given word.


Ans:- lead

Ques:-Kalidas is _______ Shakespear of India.

Ans:- The

Ques:- Write the antonym of the following word:


Ans:- Humility

Ques:- Which of the following wors is Misspelt?

Ans:- Aniversary

Ques:- Choose the word which is opposite in meaning ‘Shallow’

Ans:- Deep

Ques:- Choose the correct gender of Fox (feminine)

Ans:- Vixen  

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