1. Spreadsheets are created in ?

Ans:- MS Excel

  • In MS-WORD Ctrl+P shortcut key is used for ?

Ans:- Printing the document

  • In MS-Word to apell check which function key you will press ?

Ans:- F7

The first cell in excel Worksheet is JUNIOR OFFICE ASSISTANT (IT)

  1. In MS-WORD on which page the header or the footer is printed by default ?

Ans:- Every page

  • labeled as ?


  • In MS-Word, which operation you will perform, if you need to move a block of text in the document ?

Ans:-Cut and Paste

  • Which function you will use to enter current time in a worksheet cell ?

Ans:- =now()

  • What function displays row data in a column or column data in a row in a worksheet ?

Ans:- Transpose

  • To hold row and column titles in places so that they do not scroll when you scroll a worksheet, click the ?

Ans:- Freeze panes command on the window manu

  • In MS-Word, Ctrl+S is for……….?

Ans:- Save

  • In a URL,WWW stands for ?

Ans:-World Wide Web

  • What is the name of first super computer of India ?

Ans:- PARAM 8000

  1. Who is known as Father of Computer ?

Ans:- Charles Babbage

  1. Which operating system is developed by Apple ?

Ans:-Mac OS

  1. Shortcut to insert new slide in the current Presentation is ?


  1. Which of the following will not advance the slides in a slide show view ?

Ans:- The esc key

  1. What is full form of ROM ?

Ans:-Read only memory

  1. What is full form of HTML ?

Ans:- Hyper Text Markup Language

  1. What is meaning of .rtf file ?

Ans:- Rich Text Format

  1. Which type of RJ45 UTP calbe is used between switch and computer ?

Ans:- Straight-through cable

  1. What is full form of USB ?

Ans:- Universal Serial Bus

  1. Which among following is odd ?


  • Which is following is not an operating System ?

Ans:- Java

  • A keyboard is which type of device ?


  • Ruler in MS Word can help us in……………..

Ans:-To set tabs, to set indents, to change page margins.

  • How we can replace a font on all slides with another fort in powerpoint ?

Ans:- Formal -> Replace Fonts

  • Which field type will you select when creating a new table in MS-ACCESS if you require to enter long text in that field ?

Ans:- Memo

  • Which of the following data types automatically generates a consecutive number ?

Ans:- Autonumber

  • Microsoft Access is a ………………………..


  • What are the columns a Microsoft Access table called ?

Ans:- Fields

  • What is an extension of image file ?

Ans:- .bmp

  • What is the extension of DOS batch file ?

Ans:- .bat

  • What is the full form of FORTRAN ?

Ans:- Formula Translation

  • What is the full form BMP ?

Ans:- Bit map

  • What is full form of WINDOW ?

Ans:- Wide interactive Network Development for office work solution

  • Who is the co-founder of FACEBOOK ?

Ans:- Mark Zuckerberg

  • Who is the founder of Hotmail.com ?

Ans:- Sabeer Bhatia

  • What is the full form of API ?

Ans:- Application Programming interface

  • What is full form of DOS ?

Ans:- Disk operating system

Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given words :-

  • Care

Ans:- Neglect

  • Hostile

Ans:- Friendly

  • Prominent

Ans:- Obscure

  • Adversity

Ans:- Prosperity

  • Bold

Ans:- Timid

  • Great

Ans:- Small

Choose the correct verb form of the nouns/adjectives given below

  • Excess

Ans:- Exceed

  • Dear

Ans:- Endear

  • Deep

Ans:- Deepen

  • Fresh

Ans:- Refresh

  • Circle

Ans:- Encircle

  • Civil

Ans:- Civilate

  • Bath

Ans:- Bathe

Choose the correct change of gender:-

  • Emperor

Ans:- Emperess

  • Lass


  • Priest

Ans:- Priestess

  • Gander

Ans:- Goose

Choose the alternative which correctly fits into the blank :-

  • I cannot open the door as I ……………the key .

Ans:- Have lost

  • When you heat the metal, it ……………….


  • The earth………………..round the Sun.


  • We…………….a cow that…………………..plenty of milk.

Ans:- Had, have

  • I………………not hear from him for three months.

Ans:- Did

  • When he……………..for home, the sun still…………….

Ans:- Left, was shining

Choose the correct use of the word/idiom/proverb:-

  • Give up

Ans:-He gave up the hope of his recovery

  • Call in

Ans:- Call in the doctor at once

  • Run down

Ans:- He is run down on account of hard work

  • Humility

Ans:- Great men are known for their humility

  • Prosperity

Ans:- The business brought prosperity to him

  • Put-on

Ans:- Please put on this insult

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