Ayurveda M.D.Paper Karnataka 2009

Ques:- Nishkramana Samskara is done during –

Ans:- 4th Month

Ques:- Craniotabes is seen in –

Ans:- Rickets

Ques:- Incubation period of chicken pox –

Ans:- 11- 21 days

Ques:- Vajrakanjika mentioned in yogaratnakara is undicated in –

Ans:- Amavata, Vrshya, Stanyakshaya

Ques:- Dose of BCG Vaccination

Ans:- 0.1 ml

Ques:- The number of adhyayas completed by Dridhabala in Charaka Samhita chikita sthana are –

Ans:- 17

Ques:- The name given to shadpadarthas in Ayurveda –

Ans:- Karana

Ques:- Khara is asadharana laxana of this mahabhuta –

Ans:- Pruthwi

Ques:- For srusti utpatti 24 tattwas are accepted by this grantha –

Ans:- Charaka Samhita

Ques:- Period of Dalhana-

Ans:- 13th AD

Ques:- Number of Karana dravyas are

Ans:- Nine

Ques:-Guna is –

Ans:- Nirguna

Ques:- Excessive intake of katu rasa leads to-

Ans:- Kapha Roga

Ques:- Vipaka of lavana Rasa according to trividha vipaka vada –

Ans:- Mahhura

Ques:- According to Shakti viryavada the number of viryas are –

Ans:- Many

Ques:- Shishu Bhaishajya is the synonym of –

Ans:- Ativisha

Ques:- Morphine is the constituent found in

Ans:- Ahiphena

Ques:- Eranda types –

Ans:- Shweta and Rakta

Ques:- Bakuchi is very effective in –

Ans:- Shwitra

Ques:- Jambu is –

Ans:- Mootra Samgrahaniya

Ques:- Number of patra vishas according to Sushruta –

Ans:- 5

Ques:- Number of Nirvisha sarpas according to Sushruta are

Ans:- 12

Ques:- As per Sushruta “Paramakriya” in Jangama visha chikitisa is –

Ans:- Raktavisravana

Ques:- Moorvadi choorna is told in Ashtanga Hridaya in the context of –

Ans:- Gara Visha

Ques:- Dashavidhopakrama in Vishachikita is told for –

Ans:- Loota

Ques:- NUMBER OF Yantras told by Sushruta

Ans:- 101

Ques:- One of the following is NOT a karma attributed to Raktadhatu according to Sushruta –

Ans:- Chyavana

Ques:- Kapata Shayana as a method of treatment is mentioned in the treatment of –

Ans:- Urvasthi Bhagna

Ques:- Jaladagardabha is a –

Ans:- Kahudra roga

Ques:- Shithla bandha is suggested for –

Ans:- Ahshi

Ques:- Bandha recommended for vrittaanga –


Ques:- Spot the wrong among types of sevana

Ans:- Mandala

Ques:- Spot the wrong among types of sevana

Ans:- Mandala

Ques:- This is NOT a type of Galaganda mentioned by Sushrutra-

Ans:- Pittaja

Ques:- Nidana mentioned for Gudabhramsha in Sushruta –

Ans:- Pravahana, Atisara

Ques:- Sushruta has explained the Anatomical description of Basti in the context of –

Ans:- Ashmari

Quers:- Sushruta Sutra sthana begins with the chapter –

Ans:- Adhyayana sampradaniya

Ques:- Twak dagdha lakshana does’t include –

Ans:- Kapotavamata

Ques:- This is NOT one among the koshtangas mentioned by Sushruta –

Ans:- None

Ques:- Site of occurrence of shleepada roga according to Sushruta –

Ans:- Hasta, Pada, Nasa

Ques:- Prameha pidakas are common in the –

Ans:- Adhah kaya

Ques:- Shasha rudhiravat bindu is the clinical feature of –

Ans:- Arjuna

Ques:- Naktandhya is found in –

Ans:- Sheshma vidagha dristi

Ques:- Pindi is mentioned by-

Ans:- Sharngadhara

Ques:- Dense white corneal opacity is found in –

Ans:- Leukoma

Ques:- Types of putapaka according to Sushruta –

Ans:- 3

Ques:- According to Vagbhata the sthana of Tundikeri is-

Ans:- Kanta

Ques:- Manyastambha occurs by the siravyadha of –

Ans:- Lohitika

Ques:- According to Vagbhata Tilayashti Madhu Ksheera Gandoosha is indicated in –

Ans:- Dantaharsha, Dantabheda

Ques:- The number of Shirkapalagata rogas according to Vagbhata –

Ans:- 9

Ques:- Fluctuating hearing lose, Vertigo, Tinnitus are the clinical triad of –

Ans:- Meniera’s disease

Ques:- “Yamadamstra kala” is described by –

Ans:- Sarngadhara

Ques:- According to Sushruta, if Aksha jala falls on kapila varna bhumi the jala attains –

Ans:- Amala rasa

Ques;- Which is called slim disease ?

Ans:- AIDS

Ques:- Spot the mineral which is associated with insulin synthesis –

Ans:- Zinc

Ques;- Important ingredient of Arogyavardhini rasa –

Ans:- Katuki

Que;- As per rasa ratna samucchaya kshara traya is-

Ans:- Yava kshara, Sarja kshara, Tankana kshara

Ques:- “Kachapa Yantra” is used for –

Ans:- Suvarna jarana purpose

Ques:- `Mercury and sulphur are absent in –

Ans:- Sweta parpati

Ques:- Gemstone, which is related to sukra graham is-

Ans:- Heeraka

Ques:- Chikkana paka is considered as –

Ans:- Khara paka

Ques:- Method of administration of Hingwastaka churna is –

Ans:- Prathama Kavala Bhuhta

Ques:- The following preparation should NOT be prepared within day –

Ans:- Ghruta paka, Taila paka, Guda paka.

Ques:- Ayaskruti, which is prepared by fermentation method mentioned by –

Ans:- Vagbhata

Ques:- According to Sushruta application of lepa is contraindicated during –

Ans:- Night

Ques:- Sthanakilaka explained by kashyapa is formed due to the intake of-

Ans:- Vajra

Ques:- The Dosha involved in kunapagandhi artava dusti –

Ans:- Raktha

Ques:- According to Sushruta Sthanavidradhi is of –

Ans:- Five

Ques:- Ritukala according to Sushruta is –

Ans:- Twelve days

Ques:- Mrinala and Charndana lepam is advised in –

Ans:- Kikkisa

Ques:- According to Shushruta, Vayu and Agnidharana,s is the karma of –

Ans:- Purisha

Ques:- The rasa of the Rakta Dhatu according to Astanga Hridaya-

Ans:- Madhura lavan

Ques:- The Characterstic gandha of the ojus according to Charaka –

Ans:- Lajagandha

Ques:- According to Charaka the month of Garbhavastha in which the Indriyas and the body parts are found-

Ans:- 3

Ques:- Duration of one cardic cycle when the heart rate is 75\min.

Ans:- 0.8 sec

Ques:- The disease classiacal hemophilia is caused by the deficiency of-

Ans:- Factor

Ques:- Shanka Marma is –

Ans:- Sadyah Pranahara

Ques:- Tat cha Shadangam-Shaakaas chatasro, Madyam panchamam, Shastam Shirah iti” is the statement of-

Ans:- Sushruta

Ques:- Sheleshma is balam in –

Ans:- Prakrita State

Ques:- The normal platelet count in the adult is –

Ans;-2.5-4.5 Lakhs cell\cc

Ques: -Langhana langhan-pachana and doshavasechana are the bhedas of –


Ques:-Snehana parama prakarsha kala is:-

Ans:- 7 days

Ques:- Madanakalpa yogas explained by Charaka are

-Ans:- 133

Ques:- Order of dosha expulsion in vamana is –

Ans:- Kaphapittanila

Ques:- Snigdhatwa is the dosha of –

Ans:- Basti Putaka

Ques:- Sreshta dravya for medhya rasayana as explained in Charakasamhita –

Ans:- Shankhapushpi

Ques:- Tuni and Prati tuni are the types of-

Ans:- Vata roga

Ques:- Loss of bahu praspandana seen in –

Ans:- Apabahuka

Ques:- Gativadha in both lower limbs in known as –

Ans:- Pangu

Ques:- Ahipootana occurs in –

Ans:- Bala

Ques:- Gridharsi chikitsa does NOT include  –

Ans:- Nasya

Ques:- Pittaja prameha is yapya due to –

Ans:- Vishamakriya

Ques:- Shodhana karma indicated in kamala is-

Ans:- Virechana

Ques:- Adhishtana of Rakta pitta-

Ans:- Pleeha

Ques:- Ahara oushadha dravya yojana is-

Ans:- Yakti Vyapashraya

Ques:- Pumstvopaghati pradhana rasa is –

Ans:- Kshara

Ques:- Nindya prakriti as explained in Ashtanga Hrudaya is-

Ans:- Dwidoshaja

Ques:- Apunarbhava chikitsa is-

Ans:- Shodhana

Ques:- Dhatwagnimandya leads –

Ans:- Dhatuvriddhi

Ques:- Shodhana and Shamana are the bhedas of-

Ans:- Langhana

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