PMT (BAMS/BHMS) Entrance Test, 2016


Ques:- Full form of NBRI is :                               

Ans:- National Botanist Research Institute

Ques:- In Binomial nomenclature, the two words designate :

Ans:- Genus name & Species epithet

Ques:- Potato spindle tuber disease is caused by :

Ans:- Viroids

Ques:- Heterocyst is found in :

Ans:- Cyanobacteria

Ques:- Which of the following is true for Rhodophyceae ;

Ans:- It contains chlorophyll pigments a and d and phycoerythrin.

Ques:- Body cavity is absent in :

Ans:- Platyhelminthes

Ques:- In chondrichthyes placoid scales are modification of :

Ans:- Teeth

Ques:- What is the meaning of the term poikilothermous ?

Ans:- Cold blooded

Ques:- R.H. Whittaker proposed :

Ans:- The Five Kingdom classification in 1969.

Ques:- Parthenocarpic fruit is formed from :

Ans:- Unfertilized ovary

Ques:- Which of the following does not have a zygomorphic flower ?

Ans:- Datura

Ques:- Aleurone layer is made up of :

Ans:- Protein

Ques:- Which one of the following character is not true for monocotyledonous stem ?

Ans:-Vascular bundle contains cambium

Ques:- Casparian strip is present in :

Ans:- Endodermis

Ques:- The segments of earthworm which possess pharyngeal nephridia are :

Ans:- Segments 4, 5 and 6

Ques:- Which of the following is a part of alimentary canal of cockroach ?

Ans:- Malpighian tubules

Ques:- Fertilization in frog takes place in :

Ans:- Water

Ques:- Adipose tissue is a type of :

Ans:- Loose connective tissue

Ques:- Glandular epithelium is specialized for :

Ans:- Secretion

Ques:- Call theory was proposed by :

Ans:- Schleiden and Schwann.

Ques:- In prokaryotes ribosomes are associated with :

Ans:- Plasma membrane

Ques:- The golgi apparatus principally performs the function of :

Ans:- Packaging of materials

Ques:- In a polysaccharide the individual monosaccharides are linked by a/an :

Ans:- Clycosidic bond.

Ques:- A ribozme is a :

Ans:- Nucleic acid molecule

Ques:- Which of the following physical factor does not affect enzyme activity within the cell ?

Ans:- Cell concentration

Ques:- Cellulose is a :

Ans:- Homopolymer

Ques:- The polysaccharide present in the exoskeleton of arthropods is :

Ans:- Chitin

Ques:- Synaptonemal complex is formed during…………………stage of prophase I.

Ans:- Zygotene

Ques:- The middle lamella is made up of :

Ans:- Calcium pectate

Ques:- The process of movement of water molecules across a semi-permeable membrane is termed as :

Ans:- Osmosis

Ques:- When plant cells are kept in a hypertonic salt solution they become ;

Ans:- Plasmolysed

Ques:- Which of the following metal ion is involved in stomatal regulation ?

Ans:- Potassium.

Ques:- Which of the following is not a trace element ?

Ans:- Cu

Ques:- In photosystem I, the absorption peak of reaction centre is :

Ans:- P700

Ques:- ATP formation during photosynthesis is known as :

Ans:- Photophosphorylation

Ques:- Citric acid cycle in :

Ans:- Mitochondrial matrix

Ques:- RQ of protein, carbohydrate and fats are in order :

Ans:- <1, 1, <1

Ques:- The true nature of RuBisCO IS :

Ans:- Carboxylase and Oxygenase

Ques;-The acceleration of ability to flower by low temperature treatment is called :

Ans:- Vernalization

Ques:- Carbamino- haemoglobin is :

Ans:- CO2 + haemoglobin

Ques:- The amount of air that goes out or comes in lungs in a single breath is called :

Ans:- Tidal volume

Ques:- Bilirubin and biliverdin are found in :

Ans:- Bile

Ques:- At pH 1.8, which enzyme will digest protein ?

Ans:- Pepsin

Ques:- Function of WBC is :

Ans:- To destory foreign organisms.

Ques:- The snakes and birds are mainly :

Ans:- Uricotelic.

Ques;- Blood vessel carrying blood from lung to heart is :

Ans:- Pulmonary vein

Ques:- Reflex action is controlled by :

Ans:- Central Nervous system

Ques:- The nerve impulse is generated due to influx of :

Ans:- Sodium ions

Ques:- Pituitary gland does not control the secretory activity of :

Ans:- Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)


Ques:- The packing efficiency in Body- Centred Cubic structures is :

Ans:- 68%

Ques:- 90.03 g of oxalic acid (anhydrous) is dissolved in 1 litre of water. The normality of the solution is :

Ans:- 1 N

Ques: -Effect of dilution on conductance is as follows :

Ans:- Specific conductance decreases, molar conductane increase.

Ques:- In a chemical reaction, a catalyst changes the :

Ans:- Activation energy

Ques:- Freundlich isotherm is not applicable at :

Ans:- High pressure

Ques:- Emulsion is formed if dispersion phase and dispersion medium respectively are :

Ans:- Liquid and Liquid

Ques:-  Which of the following cannot be extracted by hydrometallurgy ?

Ans:- Zinc

Ques:- Which element would have the higher electron affinity ?

Ans:- Chlorine

Ques:- Which of the following allotropic form of phosphorus is the least stable and most reactive ?

Ans:- White phosphorus

Ques:- Zinc does not show variable valency like d- block element because :

Ans:- d- orbital is complete

Ques:- Which of the following oxidation state is most comman for all lanthanides ?

Ans:- + 3

Ques:- Paramagnetism is a property of :

Ans:- Unpaired electrons.

Ques:- Increasing concentration of CO2 in atmosphere is responsible for :

Ans:- Greenhouse

Ques:- The bond order for oxygen is :

Ans:- 2

Ques:- Among the following, which gas will liquefy first ?

Ans- NH3

Ques:- The correct order for acidic strength is :


Ques:- The maximum covalency of Boron is :


Ques:-Atmosphere pollution is generally studied in :

Ans:- Stratosphere and troposphere

Ques:- The reaction between toluene and halogen proceeds in the presence of Lewis acid to furnish halotoluenes. This is an example of :

Ans:-Electrophilic substitution

Ques:- Formation of diphenyl by treatment of aryl halide with sodium in dry ether is Known as :

Ans:- Fittig reaction

Ques:- Oxidation of phenol with chromic acid produces :

Ans:- Benzoquinone

Ques:- The product formed when ethanol is terated with sulphuric acid at 413 K :

Ans:- Ethoxyethane

Ques:- Reaction of two molecules of benzaldehyde with conc NaOH affords :

Ans:- Benzyl alcohal and sodium benzoate

Ques:- The conversion of nitriles to primary amines can be achieved with the help of following reagent :

Ans:- Na(Hg)/C2H5OH.

Ques:- Treatment of amide with bromine in an aqueous or ethanolic solution of sodium hydroxide gives amines and the reaction is known as :

Ans:- Hoffmann bromamide degradation

Ques:- Which of the following is polysaccharide ?

Ans:- Cellulose

Ques:- Deficiency of vitamin B1 leads to :

Ans:- Beri – Beri

Ques:- The polymer obtained by interaction of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid is :

Ans:- Dacron

Ques:- Buna-Npolymer is obtained by the copolymerisation of :

Ans:- 1,3 – Butadiene acid and styrene.

Ques:- Which of the following is cationic detergent ?

Ans:- Cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide.

Ques:- Morphine is an example of :

Ans:- Analgesics


Ques:- Homi Jehangir Bhabha contributed in the field of :

Ans:- Cosmic rays

Ques:- The range of electromagnetic forces is :

Ans:- Infinite

Ques:- A car moving with velocity 126 km/h is bought to stop within a distance of 200 m. The time taken is :

Ans;- 11.4 s

Ques:- A cricket ball is thrown at a speed of 28 m/s in a direction 30 degree above the horizontal. The time taken to return the same level is :

Ans;- 2.9 s

Ques:- A bullet mass 0.04 kg moving with a speed of 90 m/s enters a heavy wooden block and is stopped after 60 cm. Average resistance force exerted by block is :

Ans:- 270 N

Ques:- Which of the following is true for conservation force ?

Ans:- Conservative force does no work in a closed path

Ques:- An elevator can carry a maximum load of 1800 kg is moving up with a constant speed of 2 m/s. If the fraction forces is 4000 N, the maximum power delivered by motor to elevator is :

Ans:- 59 hp

Ques:- Escape velocity on surface of the earth is :

Ans:- 40320 km/h

Ques:- Bulk Modulus of Solids is of :

Ans:- GPa.

Ques:- The increase in pressure on a swimmer 10 m below the surface of lake is :

Ans:- 100 %

Ques:- Daniel Bernoulli worked at Basle (Switzerland ) as professor of :

Ans:- Anatomy and Botany

Ques:- Venturi – meter is used to measure :

Ans:- Flow speed

Ques:- Following is true with regard to thermal conductivity :

Ans:- Copper > mercury >water

Ques;- A vessel contains two non-reactive gases, neon and oxygen. The ratio of their partial pressure is 3:2. The ratio of their number of molecules is :

Ans:- 3/2

Ques:- According to the law of equipartition of energy which of the following is true ?

Ans:- Each translational and rotational degree of freedom contributes 1/2kbt

Ques:- A pipe open at both to ends is 30.0 cm long. The speed of sound in air is 330 m/s. The harmonic mode which resonates with 1.1 kHz source is ;

Ans:- Second

Ques:- Magnetic moment of current carrying loop having current I and area A is :

Ans:- IA

Ques:-Meter bridge is used to measure :-

Ans:- Resistance

Ques:- If the current is uniformly distributed along the cross-section of a wire, than magnetic field inside wire varies as :

Ans:- r

Ques:- Ac generator was invented by

Ans:- Nicola Tesla

Ques:- The core in the transformer is laminated to reduce :

Ans:- Eddy currents

Ques:- The correct order of refractive index of glass fir violet., yellow and red is :

Ans:- Violet> yellow>red

Ques:- The largest reflecting telescope in the world is in :

Ans:- USA

Ques:- Sodium line at 589.0 nm is observed at 589.6 nm. The speed of galaxy w.r.t us is :

Ans:- 306 km/s

Ques:- The de- Broglie wavelength associated with an electron, accelerated through a potential difference of 100 v is :

Ans:-0.123 nm.

Ques:- Frank- Hertz experiment is  about :

Ans:- Discrete energy levels


Ans:- Reactors

Ques:- A rectifier is a device used to

Ans:- Convert AC to DC

Ques:- A teansmitting antenna at the top of a tower has a height 32 m and the height of receving antenna is 50 m. Maximum distance between them for good communication in LOS mode is :

Ans:- 45.5 km

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