Some General Knowledge Questions.

Ques:-Horticulture is most widespread in the

Ans:- Mediterranean regions

Ques:-The main food crop of South Asia is

Ans:- Rice

Ques:- The Queen of Himalayas is

Ans:- Kanchenjunga

Ques:-Which Of  the following states leads in the production of salt ?

Ans:- Gujarat

Ques:- Whish of the following dams is also known as Ranjit Sager Dam ?

Ans Thien Dam

Ques:- The kalakot coal field is situated in

Ans:- Jammu & kashmir

Ques:- The mean age at marriage is highest amongst the

Ans:- Christians

Ques:-Which states occupies the top position in the country in male literacy ?

Ans:- Karela

Ques:-In bhotia tibes, the graziers are called

Ans:- Andwals

Ques:- ‘Sunderlal Bahuguna’ is asociated with

Ans:- Chipko Movement

Ques:-The most spoken language in the world is

Ans:- Chinese

Ques:- To which country does India export the largest quantity of iron ore ?


Ques:- India leads the world in the export of


Ques:-The universsal law of gravity is attributed to


Ques:- The food a man eats has

Ans:- Potential energy

Ques:- Liquid drops and bubbles acquire spherical shape due to the phenomenon of

Ans:-Surface tension

Ques:- Which mirror is used as a shaving mirror ?

Ans:- Concave mirror

Ques:- Transistors are made from

Ans:- Semi conductors

Ques:- The filaments of an electric bulb is generally made of

Ans:- Tungusten

Ques:- India’s biggest Nuclear Reasearch Reactor  is known as

Ans:- Dhurva

Ques:- The widely used polymer, polyethylene, is made from

Ans:- Ethylene

Ques:- Rifamycin is a drug to cure

Ans:- Tuberculosis

Ques:- Alcoholic Beverages(wines) contain

Ans:- Ethanol

Ques:- Fumagillin is a/an

Ans:- Antibiotic

Ques:- Malarial  parasite is transmitted by


Ques:- The nut having high carbohydrate  content is

Ans:- Chestnut

Ques:- Butter is a good source of

Ans:-Vitamin A

Ques:- Which of the following Fundamental Right is not avialable to foreign citizens ?

Ans Right of freedom of expression.

Ques:- Which of the following appointments is not made by the President of India ?

Ans:- Speaker of the Lok Shabha

Ques:- Who is the highest civil servent of the union Government ?

Ans:- Cabinet Secretary

Ques:- A proclamation of emergency must be placed before the parliament for its appoval within

Ans:- 1 month

Ques:- The resolution for the removal of the Vice-President of India can be proposed in

Ans:- Any House of Parliament

Ques:-Which of the following states elect only one member of the Lok Sabha ?

Ans:- Sikkim

Ques:- Which of the following categories of Bills can be initiates only in Lok Sabha ?

Ans:- Money Bill

Ques:-Who was the first Women Chief Minister in Independent India ?

Ans:- Sucheta Kriplani

Ques:- Five Year Plan in India approved by

Ans:-National Development Council

Ques:-A Finicial Emergency can be declared by applying which articles of the Constitution of India >


Ques:- Which amendment to the Constitution of India inserted a new article 21A providing Right to Education in the consition ?

Ans:-86th Amendment

Ques:- What was the main aim of Antyodaya Programme ?

Ans:-Helping the poorest among poor

Ques:-SJSRY belongs to

Ans:- Urban areas

Ques:- Estimates of poverty in India are given by the

Ans:- NITI Aayog

Ques:- The central banking functions in India are performed by the


Ques:- Stagflation is

Ans:- inflation with depression

Ques:- Dear Mone Policy implies

Ans:-high interset rates

Ques:-Which of the following is not a part of machinery that settles industrial disputes ?

Ans:-Wage Courts

Ques:-When was Consumer Protection Act passed ?

Ans:- 1986

 Ques:-Who gave the call for ‘Evergreen Revolution’ in India ?


Ques:- Which State has become the first Indian state to implement the National policy onbio-fuels ?


Ques:-Dr.Bhishma Narain Singh, Who passed recently, was associated with which plitical party ?


Ques:- What is the India’s rank in the United Nation ‘s E-Government  Development Index 2018 ?

Ans:- 96th

Ques:- Who has taken over charge as the new Chairman of the Central Board of Indirrect Taxes and Customs ?

Ans:- S. Ramesh

Ques:- Under whose captainship , The Indian Kabaddi team clinched the 2018 Kabaddi Masters Dubai title ?

Ans:- Ajay Thakur

Ques:- Which Indian cricketer has recently inducted into ICC Cricket Hall of Fame ?

Ans:- Rahul Dravid

Ques:- NITI Aayog has recently patnered with GNFC Ltd. to implement fertilizer subsidy disbursement through which technology ?

Ans:- Blockchain

Ques:- Which State/ut government has recently launched “Happiness Curriculam” for students upto class eight ?

Ques:-The famous culturals festival ‘Behdienkhlam 2018’ was celebrated in which state ?

Ans:- Meghalaya

Ques:-Who has recently become the first serving Indian Army Officier to complete ‘Ironman’ competition ?

Ans:- Vikram Dogra

Ques:- Which telecom company has become the Indian ‘s first mobile operator to launch internet telephony services in India?


Ques:-Which Indian Naval Ship has become the first warship to enter port of Sabang in Indonesia ?

Ans:- INS Sumitra

Ques:-Which city hosted the first ‘Nepal-India Think Tank’ summit recently ?

Ans:- Kathmandu

Ques:-Karman Kaur Thandi is associated with which sports ?

Ans:- Tennis

Ques:-India’s first in-phone tourism guide and mobile application ‘Go whata that’ has recently launched in which city ?

Ans:- chandigarh

Ques:- What number is nearest to 457 whish is divisible by 11 ?


Ques:- The simplest form of 69/92 is

Ans:- ¾

Ques:-A is 2 years oider than B who is twice as old as C. If the total of the ages of A,B,C be 27 years, then how old is B ?

Ans:-10 years

Ques :- Ram and Shyam together can finish a job in 8 days.Ram can do the same job on his own in 12 days. How long will Shyam take to do the job by himself ?

Ans:-24 days

Ques:-An athlete runs 200 meters race in 24 seconds. His speed is

Ans:-30 km/hr

Ques:-The largest size of bamboo that can be placed  in a square of area 100 sq. meters, is

Ans:- 14.14 m

Ques:- January 1,2007 was Monday. What day of the week lies on Jan 1, 2008 ?


Ques:-How many times in a day, the hands of a clock are straight?


Ques:-A can run 100 m in 27 seconds and B in 30seconds. A beats B by

Ans:-10 m

Ques:-The 16th term of the series 3,5,7,9,11 ——————— is

Ans:- 33

Ques:- 6,17,39,72,?


Ques:-If the english alphabet is written in reverse order, which one of the following letters will be the 14th letter from the leters from the left?

  N,L,P, none of these

Ans:-None of these

Ques:-How many meaningful words can be formed  from the word,’ GENTLEMEN’ without changing the order of letters?


!Ques:-Which  one is diferent  from the rest  ?


Ques:- As ’ Naked’ Is  related to cloth’ in the same way, ‘Thirsty’ is  related to which ?


Ques:- In a code ‘BOXER’ is written as ‘AQWGQ’,  then ‘VISIT”in the same code is written as


Ques:- If all the member from 1 to 21 which are divisible by 2 are written in ascending order, then which will the number at 6th place from the right ?

Ans:- 10

Ques:- Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word of the four alternative


Ans earthly





4. Capativate

Ans:- repel



Ques:- Who was the first information commissioner of Himachal Pradesh ?


Ques:- In which year All India Radio was set at Shimla ?


Ques:-Who headed the Punjab re-organisation commission  1966 ?


Ques:- the new year festival in Chandra and Bhaga vally is called


Ques:-Which town of Himachal is known as ‘Chhoti  Kashi’ ?

Ans:- Mandi

Ques:-When did Mahatma Gandhi visit Dharampur (Solan, H.P)  and delivered a speech ?


Ques:- Who was the first Himachali sports  persons to receive Arjuna Award ?

Ans:-Suman Rawat

Ques :- Who took keen interset in promotion of Chamba embroidery and rumal ?

Ans:-Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay

Ques:-The Masrur temples of Kangra is built in which century ?


Ques:-Who started the Shivratri fair of Mandi ?

Ans :-Ajbar Sen

Ques:- The Aryans came to Himachal Pradesh  from

Ans:- Central Asia

Ques:-U.S. Club, Shimla was originally the residence of which British rular ?

Ans Sir Jermiha Bryant

Ques:-Who was the first speaker of H.P. Vidhan Sabha ?

Ans:-Jaiwant Ram

Ques:- Who was the rular of Bushahr state when 1857 revolt took place ?

Ans:-Shamsher Singh

Ques:-Who founded the ‘Bhagal’ state ?

 Ans:- Aje—De

Ques:- What was the earlier name of ‘Sundernager’ town ?

Ans:- Bared

Ques:- Who was the most powerful king of kullu dynasty ?

Ans:- Maheshwar Singh

Ques:- Who took possession of the books of Kangra library and got them translated into Persian ?

Ans:- Feroz Shsh Tughlaq

Ques:-Which distric does not share its boundry with Kangra distric ?

 Ans:- Bilaspur

Ques:- Markanda Khad flows in which distric of H.P. ?

Ans:- Sirmaur

Ques:- Nako lake is located in which distric of H.P. ?

Ans :- Kinnaur

Ques:- Where does the river Satluj enter Shimla distric ?


Ques:- By whaat name ‘Glaciers’ Re known in the local language ?


Ques:-Which of the following towns does not fall in the Shiwalic Hills ?


Ques:-Which is the port town of Indus Vally Civilization ?


Ques:- The original name given to the followers of Mahavira was-

 Ans:- Nirgranthas

Ques:-The last King, known to history, of the line of imperial Mauryas was

Ans :- Brihadratha

Ques:- The largest urban centre in early ancient India was


Ques:- Which of the following term to be used for all kinds of foreigners?


Ques:-‘Navanitakam’ deals with

Ans:- Medicine

Ques:-Who among the following is considered as ‘the last great Hindu emperor’ of India ?

Ans:- Harsha

Ques:- Which was the great Hindu imperial dynasty ofNorthern India ?

Ans:- Gurjara –Pratiharas

Ques:- The famous Chturbhuja temple at Khajurahowas built by

Ans:- Yasovarman

 Ques:-Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki was assiociated with which of the following Sufi orders ?

Ans:-Chisti order

Ques:- The rular who did not go for any fresh conquest was

Ans:-Bahlol Lodhi

Ques:- Where were the ship builts for trade ?

Ans:-Maldive Islands

Ques:- Which one of the following was the first ruling dynasty of Vijyanagar ?

Ans:- Sangam Dynasty

Ques:- Which of the following emperor’s tomb is outside India ?

Ans:- Jahangir

Ques:- The longest of ssssShivaji’s military campaigins was conducted against

Ans:- Karnataka

Ques:- The Indian rular who defeated the English in the early stage of British rule in India was

Ans:- Haider Ali

Ques:-Who declared himself as the Governor of Bahadur Shah ?

Ans:- Khan Bahadur Khan

Ques:- The first nationalist leader to perside over the Indian National Congress was

Ans:- W.C.Banerjee

Ques:- How many of Gandhi’s followers were selected to go on the march to Dandi ?

Ans:- 78

Ques :- After which Congress session Muhammad Ali Jinnah  left  the Congress ?

Ans:- Nagpur  session

Ques:- Granite is a form of

Ans:- Igneous   rocks

Ques:- Which of the following is a greenhouse gas ?

Ans:- Carbon dioxide

Ques:- The salinity of sea water is highest at

Ans:- Tropics

 Ques:- The soils found in the marshy areas are known as

Ans:- Bog soils

Ques:- Which of the following is a tropical grassland ?

Ans:- Savanna

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