Question Booklet of Screening Test 2013

Ques:- How many sixes Chris Gayle hit to break a record in T-20 format of IPL- 2013 ?

Ans:- 17

Ques:- The film actor who has been chosen for Dada Saheb Falke Award 2013 is :

Ans:- Pran

Ques:- LIVA ETIOS is a new model (car) of

Ans:- Toyota

Ques:- The 14th Finance commission has been constituted under the chairmanship of ………………

Ans:- Y.V. Reddy

Ques:- Name the European city that was united in 1989

Ans:- Berlin

Ques:- Which of the following sites is associated with Indus Valley Civilization ?

Ans:- Kalibangan

Ques:- Which of the following is also known as ‘new world’ ?

Ans:- America

Ques:- USA has a military base at

Ans:- Diego- Garcia

Ques:- Which of the following was the first to become communist state in the Western Hemisphere ?

Ans:- Cuba

Ques:- Which of the following countries has the Intelligence Agency named ‘Mossad’

Ans:- Israel

Ques:- “White Fiag’ is the symbol of :

Ans:- Truce

Ques:- Prior to 1971, Bangladesh was known as…………

Ans:- Eastern Pakistan

Ques:- Who discovered North Pole ?

Ans:-Robert peary

Ques:- Japan is also Known as :

Ans:- Nippon

Ques:- The ‘First Sermon’ of Gautam Buddhga is known as :

Ans:- Dharamachakra Parivartana

Ques:- The ‘Pashupatinath’ temple is located at ;

Ans:- Nepal

Ques:- First Muslim to invade India was :

Ans:- Mohammad Bin Qasim

Ques:- ‘Ghumar’ is a folk dance of :

Ans:- Rajasthan

Ques:- What is known as ‘Union jack’ ?

Ans:- The British Flag

Ques:- Jerusalem is sacred to………….religions.

Ans:- 3

Ques:- Whose name is associated with ‘Alfared Park’ of Allahabad ?

Ans:- Chandra Sekhar Azad

Ques:- ………………is an introduction to the Constitution.

Ans:- Preamble

Ques:- Which of the following States has been given Special Status under Article 370 ?

Ans:- Jammu and Kashmir

Ques:- ‘Fundamental Duties’ of the Constitution have been taken from :

Ans:- Erstwhile USSR

Ques:- Who wrote Anandmath ?

Ans:- Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

Ques:- The first general election for Lok Sabha was held in the year

Ans:- 1951 – 1952

Ques:- The Mughal Gardens of Rashtrapati Bhavan is modelled on :

Ans:- Shalimar Gardens

Ques:- In the Supreme Court of India, a judge holds office till he attains the age of…………. years.


Ques:- ‘Area of Seven Sisters’ is :

Ans;- North Eastern States

Ques:- Which of the following is not directly addressed to the Courts ?

Ans:- FIR

Ques;-Which of the following is known as ‘Forbidden City’ ?

Ans:- Lhasa (Tibet)

Who designed the Parliment House of India ?

Ans:- Herbert Baker

Ques:- Which of the following companies launched its video telephony service in Delhi and Mumbai ?

Ans;- MTNL

Ques:- Anand Bhavan is related with

Ans:- Jawahar Lal Nehru

Ques:- Bankim Chandra Chatterjee composed ‘ Vande Mataram ‘ in

Ans:- Sanskrit

Ques:- The  National Calender based on the Saka Era was adopted from :

Ans:- 22nd March, 1957

Ques:- Who composed ‘ Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’ ?

Ans:- Mahatama Gandhi

Ques:- Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution ?

Ans:- B.R. Ambedkar

Ques:- The hereditary system of government, where the ruling family has total control over the State is called…………..

Ans:- Monarchy

Ques:- The term ‘’division of power” refers to a …………….government.

Ans:- Federal from of

Ques:- Who has been chosen for ‘jnanpith Award’ in2013 year ?

Ans:- Ravuri Bhardwaj

Ques:- Who has written the book ‘In the line of fire ‘?

Ans:- Parvez Muaharraf

Ques:- What is ‘ Dial Kashmir’ ?

Ans:- Android application

Ques:- In Himachal Pradesh; ‘Morchella Esculenta’ is generally known as :

Ans:- Guchchhi

Ques:- Pong Dam belongs to

Ans:- Himachal Pradesh

Ques:- Pin Vally is Situated at

Ans:- Spiti

Ques:- Which of the following districts is fully located in the Shiwalik hills ?

Ans:- Una

Ques:- Which of the following passes is not located in distt. Chamba ?

Ans:- Kunzum

Ques:- The famous lake Riwalsar is situated in district

Ans:- Mandi

Ques:-Bhuri Singh Museum is situated at

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- Gantal festival is celebrated in …………..district.

Ans:- Lahaul & Spiti

Ques:- The most beautiful valley of Kinnaur district is :

Ans:- Sangla

Ques:- The place ‘Marhi’ is located near

Ans:- Rohtang

Ques:- ‘Gaggal’ is famous for

Ans:- Airport

Ques:- The ‘Kamrunag’ Lake is located in Distt. The Tehsil is

Ans:- Chachiyot

Ques:- Chamera Hydro- electric Project is situated in district…………….of H.P.

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- In which of the following books, Kalidas has made a reference about ‘Kinners’ ?

Ans:- Kumarsambhava

Ques:- ‘Kahloori’ is spoken in the District

Ans:- Bilaspur

Ques:- Which of the following is not correct about Jogindernagar ?

Ans:- Existence of Airport

Ques:- At which of the following places there is a Resident Commissioner in Himachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Pangi

Ques;- Who became the First Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court in 1971 ?

Ans:- Justice Hamedullah Beg

Ques:- ‘Mother’s Day’ is observed on

Ans:- 8th may

Ques:- ‘Dev Anand’ the evergreen veteran film star died at the age of 88 in

Ans:- London

Ques:- The famus Academy Awards (Oscar) for Best Picture of Year 2012 was given to

Ans:- Argo

Ques:- Which movie was adjudged Best Children’s Film in the 59th National Film Awards ?

Ans:- Chillar Party

Ques:- What is ‘Adhaar’ ?

Ans:- Unique Identity Project

Ques:- Who is Known as ‘The Iron Lady’ in International arena ?

Ans:- Indira Ganghi

Ques:- Who was adjudged Best Actress in 59th National Film Awards 2012 ?

Ans:- Vidya Balan

Ques:- ‘Numismatics’ is study of

Ans:- Coins and medals

Ques:- ‘Deep Blue’ is a

Ans:- Under Water Project

Ques:- The National Bird (Peacock) is a symbol of

Ans:- Beauty & grace

Ques:- Super Computer developed in India is

Ans:- Deep Blue

Ques:- Nelumbo Nucifera is scientific name of

Ans:- Lotus

Ques:- Nirvachan Sadan (Office of Election Commission of India) is situated at

Ans:- New Delhi

Ques:- The new minimum limit is……………percent of total valid votes polled in State Assembly/Lok Sabha Polls to get the status of a State Partry.

Ans:- 6

Ques:- The world’s cheapest tablet PC, launched by India is :

Ans:- Aakash

Ques:- In which of the following fields, Nobel Prize is not given ?

Ans:- Music

Ques:- The Headquarter of International Labour Organisation is situated at

Ans:- Geneva

Ques:- The main purpose of the WHO is

Ans;- To attain highest possible level of health by all people.

Ques:- Which of the following car manufacturing companies has recently launched its new model (MPV) NAMED ‘eNJOY’ ?

Ans:- Chevrolet

Ques:- Which of the following organisations( international) has recently observed its 150 th anniversary ?

Ans:- Red Cross

Ques:- Who has recently become the youngest ever topper ( 18 years only ) of California University ?

Ans:- Ritankar Dass

Ques:- National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) WAS LAUNCHED ON

Ans:- 2nd 2005

Ques:- Planning Commission was established in the year

Ans:- 1950

Ques:- National Solar Mission,s target is to achieve………..MW Solar Power generating capacity by year 2022.

Ans:- 20000

Ques:- Which of the following is not included in 16 Navratnas ?

Ans:- SAIL

Ques:- Which is the started Mutual Funds ?

Ans:- UTI

Ques:- ‘Wealth of National’ is written by

Ans:- Adam Smith

Ques:- Which of the following banks has been merged with ICICI ?

Ans:- Bank of Baroda

Ques:- The return received by OPEC in exchange for oil is generally called

Ans:- Petro dollars

Ques:- B.B Mahajan Committee is related to

Ans:- Sugar Industry

Ques:- The term ‘Black Revolution’ is associated with

Ans:- Petroleum production

Ques:- Agriculture contributes…………..percent to the GDP of nation (2010-2011)

Ans:- 14.2

Ques:- ECG is used to detect the disorder in

Ans:- Heart

Qoes:- Which is not a viral disease ?

Ans:- Typhoid

Ques:- Which is not transmitted by mosquitoes ?

Ans:- Typhoid

Ques:- The steroid responsible for balance of water and electrolytes in your body is :-

Ans:- Aldosterone

Ques:- Which is not a connective tissue ?


Ques:- Yellow colour is found at which place in rainbow ?

Ans:- Fifth

Ques:- What is the function of a battery ?

Ans:-To convert chemical energy into electric energy.

Ques:- Temperature of stars can be calculated from their

Ans:- Spectrum

Ques:- An adult person has……………litres of blood.

Ans:- 5-6

Ques:- The respiratory organs of ‘Frog ‘ and ‘ Earthworm’ is

Ans:- Skin

Ques:- ‘Hydrophobia’ is caused due to

Ans:- Rabies virus

Ques:- Widal test diagnoses

Ans:- Typhoid

Ques:- Fuel used in thermal power plants is

Ans:- Fossil Fuel

Ques:- The device used to examine the internal parts of the body is

Ans:- Endoscope

Ques:- Who discovered ‘Antibiotic’?

Ans:- Alexander Fleming

Ques:- Where is the Lakshadweep Islands located ?

Ans:- Arabian Sea

Ques:- Lucknow city is situated at the banks of

Ans:- The river Gomati

Ques:- Rhodesia is known as

Ans:- Zimbabwe

Ques:- Which is known as ‘Garden of Spices of India’?

Ans:- Kerala

Ques:- The ‘Bhil’ tribe is found in

Ans:- MP & Rajasthan mainly

Ques:- Ghana Bird Sanctuary is in

Ans:- Rajasthan

Ques:- Which State of India has the longest coast line ?

Ans:- Gujarat

Ques:- Kalka-Shimla Railways is

Ans:- Narrow Gauge line

Ques:- White coal is

Ans:- Hydro- electricity

Ques:- Koyna Hydro- electricity Project is situated at

Ans:- Maharashtra

Ques:- The river Cauveri falls into

Ans:- Bay of Bengal

Ques:- Least Populous State of India is

Ans:- Sikkim

Ques:- 38th parallel line is a boundary line between

Ans:- North &South Korea

Ques:- Kharif crops are sown in

Ans:- June-Jully

Ques:- Which is not the cause of Tsunami ?

Ans:- Gravitational force of heavenly bodies

Ques:- The Olympic Emblem of five interwined rings is symbolic of

Ans:- Five Continentts

Ques:- Hockey World Cup- 2014 will be held in

Ans:- Netherland

Ques:-The national sport of China is

Ans:- Table Tennis

Ques:- The word (sport term) ‘Silice’ is associated with

Ans:- Lawn Tennis

Ques:- Davis Cup is associated with

Ans:- Lawn Tennis

Ques:- The smallest planet discovered outside our Solar System is

Ans:- Kepler- 37

Ques:- Who has written the novel ‘Na Bhooto Na Bhavishyati’ ?

Ans:- Narender Kohli

Ques:- The name of the First Complete Bionic Man of the world is

Ans:- Rex

Ques:- Which does not find mention in the Preamble to the Constitution ?

Ans:- Dignity of the Constitution

Ques:- Which Constitutional Amendoments introduced the anti-defection provisions in the Constitution for the first time ?

Ans:- 52th Amendment

Ques:- The grasslands of South Africa are called

Ans:- Veld

Ques:- Anand Milk and Mother Dairy are example of

Ans:- Co-operative Sector Industries

Ques:- Maximum salinity is found in

Ans;- Dead Sea

Ques:- Sindhu Darshan festival is celebrated in

Ans:- Leh

Ques:- With increase in temperature, the viscosity of

Ans:- Gases increase

Ques:- Which is not correct about ‘ Jute” ?

Ans:- The jute plant needs medium rainfall.

Choose the one which best express the meaning of the given world.

Ques:- Lamentable

Ans:- Deplorable

Quies:- Docile

Ans:- Easily managed

Ques:- Abash

Ans:- Squash

Ques:- Divulge

Ans:- Reveal

Ques:- Indigenous

Ans:- Native

Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word

Ques:- Hawk

Ans:- Dove

Ques:- Reserve

Ans:- Talkative

Ques:- Mundane

Ans:- Heavenly

Ques:- Pastel

Ans:- Bright

Ques:- Debacle

Ans:- Rise

Groups of four words are given in Questions. In each group, one word is wrongly spelt. Find the mis-spelt word.

Ques:- (A) Instructor (B) Grammer (C) Organiser (D) Carrier

Ans:- Grammer

Ques:- (A) Adiction (B) Address (C) Adhere (D) Advice

Ans:- Adiction

Ques:- (A) Soldier (B) Clearify (C) Infinite (D) Beautiful

Ans:- Clearify

Ques:- (A) Medium (B) Museum (C) Emporium (D) Curiculum

Ans:- Curiculum

Ques:- (A) Device (B) Advice (C) Demice (D) Revise


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