Recruitment Test (Staff Nurse)

Ques- A Guedel airway is a :

Ans:-Oropharyngeal airway.

Ques:-The osmolality of 0.45% Sodium Chloride (NaCl) is:

Ans:- 154 mOsm/L

Ques:- The suture material that is both absorbable and synthetic is :

Ans:-Polyglycolic acid

Ans:-28 Litres

Ques:- the daily insensible water loss from body normally is ( in millilitre, ml ) :

Ans:-400-800 ml

Ques:-On the basis of body Mass Index (BMI),a person with a height of 150 cm and weight of 70 kg is defined to be :


Ques:- In prepration for abdominal surgery, a patient has to be administered a pre- operative enema. The position of the patient for this enema should be :

Ans:-Left Lateral Sim’s position

Ques:-A patient with fracture of left tibia is using crutches for walking, A complication as a result of improper use of crutches for which regular assessment should be done is :

Ans:- Wrist drop

Ques:- While monitoring a patient of Myocardial Infarction in your Coronary Care Unit you observe an isolated ventricular ectopic on the monitor.You will inform the physician and :

Ans:-Prepare to administer intravenous Lignocaine

Ques:-A Hospice facility has the following principles :

Ans:-The focus is on comfort of the dying patient and the family

Ques:- The patient diagonosed with a terminal illness tells the doctor, “Life is not fair. This cannot happen to me”. This is an expression of :


Ques:- The “independent action” performed by a nurse that is administratively acceptable is when she :

Ans:- Gives cold sponging to a febrile patient

Ques:- What is the best example of “subjective data” from the option given below is :

Ans:-The patient is having chest discomfort for 2 hours.

Ques:- In conducting a search on the internet, the use of the words AND, OR, NOT indicate :

Ans:- Boolean Operators

Qoes:- In the web address, which of the following indicate that a website is secure :

Ans:- https://

Ques:- In a Microsoft Word Document, you can change from “Times New Roman “ to “Arial” by going to the :

Ans:- Font section

Ques:- The word URL in computer language means :

Ans:- Universal Resource Locator

Ques:- The use of “touch” to convey your feelings to a patient is called :

Ans:- Haptic communication

Ques:- In communication with patients, the word “rapport” means :

Ans:-To show genuine feeling of goodwill

Ques:- One of the primary functions of a Circulating Nurse in the Operation Theatre is to :

Ans:- Prepare the surgical sterile table and instruments.

Ques:- To have “an albatross around your neck” means :

Ans:- To carry a difficult burden

Ques:- The process of precisely destroying cancer tissue in the brain by using radiation is called :

Ans:- Gamma Knife surgery

Ques:- While performing endotracheal suction in a adult, you will ensure that you :

Ans:- Apply suction for only 10-15 seconds at a time

Ques:- A fire breaks out in your ward. The first action you take is :

Ans:- Evacuate the patients from the ward

Ques:- While checking the blood pressure in the upper limb of a patient with a sphygmanometer, you observe that she has developed carpal spasm. The most likely cause is :

Ans:- Hypocalcemia

Ques:- The initial energy selection for defibrillation in pulseless ventricular tachycardia for a :

Ans:- Biphasic defibrillator is 150 j

Ques:- In a 78 year old smoker with streptococcal pneumonia and difficulty in coughing out secretions, the nursing diagnosis is :

Ans:- Ineffective airway clearance related to effects of pneumonia

Ques:- The bandage that is applied over an amputated knee stump while in preparation for a prosthesis is usually a :

Ans:- Figure of eight bandage

Ques:- The MAST garment is used for treatment of :

Ans:- Hemorrhagic Shock

Ques:- The common abdominal incision for gall bladder surgery is :

Ans:- Left paramedian incision

Ques:- You are assessing a patient of acute pancreatitis for the comolication of paralytic ileus. The key symptom indicating this complication is :

Ans:-Inability to pass flatus

Ques:- In General anaesthesia, the stage of excitement and dreams is :

Ans:- Stage 11

Ques:- The post- operative exercise of “huffing” is used primarily to help the patient :

Ans:- Loosen the chest secretions

Ques:- While dressing the abdominal wound on the 5th post-operative day, you observe that some intestinal loops are protruding outside. This is called :

Ans:- Intestinal hernia

Ques:- A high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) vest is used for :

Ans:- Loosening thick chest secretions

Ques:- A patient has a pressure ulcer in which subcutaneous fat is visible BUT bone, tendon or muscle is not exposed or visible. This is a :

Ans:- Stage III ulcer

Ques:- An example of an Open Drainage system used in surgical wounds is :

Ans:- Penrose Drain

Ques:- Paradoxical respiration is most commonly seen in :

Ans:- Flail chest

Ques:- A patient with classical heat stroke will have :

Ans:- Dry Skin

Ques:- The logroll turning method is used in :

Ans:- Spinal injury

Ques:- A body temperature of 39 degree centigrade is equivalent to a Fahrenheit temperature of (in nearest degrees) :

Ans:- 100

Ques:- An example of a cervical skeletal traction device is :

Ans:- Halo device

Ques:- A DEXA Scan is used in the diagnosis of :

Ans:- Osteoporosis

Ques:- A patient has burns over the front of the chest and abdomen. The percentage of burns is calculated to be ;

Ans:- 18%

Ques:- The Mallampati Classification deals with :

Ans:- Airway assessment in anesthesiology

Ques:- The ideal angle of insertion of a needle for administering an intradermal injection is ;

Ans:-10 degrees

Ques:-The Z-track technique of intramuscular injection is used to :

Ans:- Reduce backward leakage of drug

Ques:- The last menstrual period of a pregnant lady started on 20th February 2016. Her expected data of delivery is :

Ans:- 27th November 2016

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