Uttar Pradesh  Teacher’s (UPTET)

  Ques:- Which of the following statements is not true?

Ans:- “Heredity  is the sublimation of inborn individuals traits”

Ques:- Laws of Association are

Ans:- Laws of similarity, Laws of Contrast, Lawsof Contiguity.

Ques:- According to Gates,” ………… is modification of behaviour through experince”.

Ans:- Learning.

Ques:- What is called  the tendency of self-love?

Ans:- the enviornment

Ques:-The measure representing the total frequency distribution is called……….

Ans:- measure of central tendency .

Ques:- Which of the following  characteristic is not true in reference to intrinsically motivated  children ?

Ans:- They are always successful

Ques:- “Child is a book which the teacher has to learn from page  to page .” Who has staeted the above  ?

 Ans:- Rousseau

Ques:- Who has central place in Education according to Child Pschology?

Ans:- The child

Ques:- Which one of the following methods has a process of reasoning  from general to specific?

Ans:- Deductive

Ques:- What is the principal psychological characterstic of childhood?

Ans:-Feeling of gregariousness

Ques:-How is intensity of emotions expressed during adolesence period?

Ans:- Adverse family relation, Probelm of occupation , Adjustment with new situation

Ques:- The children whose intelligence quotient (IQ) is above 140 will be categorized in category of

Ans:- Genius

Ques:- “Creativity is a mental process to epress the original outcomes.” Who stated the above statements?

Ans:- Crow and Crow

Ques:- The principle of ‘trial and error’ is propounded by

Ans:- Thorndike

Ques:- What should not be used in order to eliminate ‘plateaus of learning’?

Ans:- The good methodology of learning should b adapted

Ques:- Intially The rate of learning increases and later on it  decreases gradually,that curve is called

Ans:- Convex curve

Ques:- What is the meaning of individual differences?

Ans:- Any two individual are not equal and similar in respect of physique, mental ablity and emotional status

Ques:- The following are the marks  obtained by seven students

       40, 38, 36, 50, 51, 54, 23

    Median of the above will be

Ans:- 40

Ques:- Interest has a relationship with

Ans:- attention

Ques:- Application of knowledge skill or subject learned, in other situations is known as 

Ans:- Transfer or learning

Ques:- which of the following is the first step in the process of conditioning?

Ans:- stimulus

Ques:- “Memory is the direct  use of what is learned.” 

Who stated the above statement?

Ans:- Woodworth

Ques:- Which of the following condition(s) is/are not the internal condition(s) of attracting attention?

Ans:- One – above

Ques:- Emotion is originated through ………………

Ans:- instincts

Ques:- ……………..   word is also often used for motivation.

Ans:-  Need

Ques:- “ Thinking is mental activity in its cognitive aspect.”

  Whose definition of thinking is this one?


                             English (Language II)

Ques:- Choose the antonym of the given word. 


Ans:- Gentle

Ques:- Choose the synonym  of the given word.


Ans:- Misleading

Ques:- Give one word for the given definition.

    One who writes stories and news for a newspaper.

Ans:- Correspondent

Ques:-Select the most appropirate meaning of the given idiom.

   A biord of passage

Ans:- A person who travels widely

Ques:- Choose the correct adjective of the following noun


 Ans:- Advisable

Ques:- Choose the correct synonym of the word


Ans:- Banishment

Ques:- The quantity of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven.

      Point out the figure of speech in the above lines

Ans:- Simile

Ques:- Name the poet who wrote the poem ‘ stopping by the woods on a snowy evening’.

Ans:- William wordsworth

Ques:- Who said “ Reading makes a full man, writing an expect man and conference a ready man”?

Ans:- Francis Bacon

Ques:- Which one is regarded as the best style  of  writing?

Ans:- Vertical

Ques:-Which method is based on the theory “from example to generalization”?

Ans:- Inductive method

Ques:-‘Julius Ceasar’ was written by 

Ans:- Willam shakespeare

                     Science and mathematics

Ques:- Aqueous solution of SO2 is

Ans:- acidic

Ques:- Other than nucleus which cellular organelle contains DNA?

Ans:- Mitochondria

Ques:-Persons taking rich diet of Ascorbic Acid will not suffer  from

Ans:- Scurvy

Ques:- Which is vestigial organ in man?

Ans:- lleum

Ques:-Which one of the following are acoelomate animals?

Ans:- platyhelminthes

Ques:- Which of the following is not a protein?

Ans:- Heparin

Ques:-Which type of centrum is found in the vertebra of mammals?

Ans:- Amphiplaytan

Ques:- In the absence of light, what will increase?

Ans:- Elongation of  internodes

Ques:-The enzyme responsible for reduction  of molecular nitrogen to ammonia in leguminous plants is

Ans:- Nitrogenase

Ques:- A plant froms spores, have vascular system, but dos not form flower and seed can be placed under

Ans:- Pteridophyta

Ques:- The image produced by a concave lens is always

Ans:- virtual

Ques:- If someho the distance between the Sun and the Earth is doubled, the gravitational force between them will become

Ans:- One – fourth

Ques:- What will be the value of decimal number 37 in binary number system ?


Ques:-An electric  charge q moves with a constant velocity v parallel to the lines of force of a uniform magnetic field B. Force on charge is

Ans:- Zero

Ques:- The relation  between coeffiicient of linear expansion , coefficient of superficial expansion and coefficient of volume expansion is

Ans:- 1: 2:3

Ques:- The pH value of any solution that converts red litmus to blue in colour will be

Ans:- 10

Ques:- Which type of hybridization occours in CIF3?

Ans:- sp3d

Ques:-Marsh gas is

Ans:- Methane

Ques:- Rusting of Iron is

Ans:- Oxidation reaction

Ques:- Petroleum is refined by

Ans:- fractional distillation

Ques:-Which one of the following is known as Bayer’s Reagent?

Ans:- Dilute alkaline solution of  potassium permanganate

Ques:- “Which two number when multiplied give the product 24?”

Ans:- is an open ended question as it has more than one answer

Ques:- A class VII teacher wants to discuss the following probelm in the class.

   “A square is divided into four congruents rectangles. The perimeter of each rectangle is 40 units. What is the perimeter of given square?” Key mathematics concepts required to solve this probelm  is

Ans:- meaning of the terms square, rectangle, congruent, perimeter etc.

Ques:- salman solve -3-4=7. The error is committed as

Ans:- Salman is not clear about the concept of addition of integers

Ques:-Most appropriate formative task to assess the student’s understanding of data analysis is

Ans:- Survey-based project

Ques:- Identify the open-ended probelm.

Ans:- Parikshit makes a cuboid dimension 5cmm. How many such minimum cuboids are required to form a cube

Ques:-The father’s age is 6 times his son’s age. 4yr hence, the age of the father will be four times his son’s age. The present ages in years of the son and father  are, respectively

Ans:- 6  and 36

Ques:- A dIE is thrown once. The probability of getting a prime number is

Ans:- ½

Ques:- If a set A contains 5 elements then, the number of subsets of A where none of the subsets is empty set, is

Ans:- 31

Ques:- If (x-2) is a factor of x3+ax2+bx+16 and b=4a, then respective values of a and  b are respetively

Ans:- -2,8

Ques:-Mode of the given data

29, 25, 38, 22, 38, 25, 38, 29 is

Ans:- 38

Ques:-The polynomial p(x)=x4-2×3+3×2-ax+3a-7

 when divided by (x-1) leaves the remainder 19, the value of a is


Ques:-A  vesselin the form of an open inverted cone of height 8cm and radius of its top is 5cm . It is filled with water upto the brim. When lead shots are dropped into the vessel, one fourth of the water flows out. The number of lead shots dropped in the vessel where radius of each lead shot is 0.5 cm, is


Ques:- Four trafic lights give signals after 30 s, 45 s, 60 s, and 120 s respectively. If all the traffic lights begans at the same time, then all of them will give red signal at the same time in

Ans:- 360 s

Ques:- The abscissa of the points (-2,-5) is

Ans:- -2

Ques:- If the number 23583 ab is completely divisible by 80, then the value of a-b is

Ans:- 2

Ques:-LCM and HCF of two numbers p and q are P and Q respectivity.

If P-p= q-Q,  then

Ans:-p2 + q2 + p2+ Q2

Ques:-Vertices of quadrilateral  ABCD are on circumference of a circle . if AB is diameter of circle  and <BAC is

Ans:-40 degree

Ques:- Area of two similar triangles are 4 cm2 and  9 cm2 respectively. The ratio of their corresponding sides is


Ques:- Apersons have some one rupee, 50 paise and 25 paise coins totalling rupee 210 in the ratio 5:6:8 then number of one rupee coins is

Ans:- 105

Ques:- If ax= b, by = c and cz = a, then the non- zero value of (xyz) is


Ques:-The projectors which are used to show opaque figure and pages of books are called


Ques:- Whhich of the following is not an activity based teaching methods ?

Ans:- Lecture Method  

Ques:-We use to perform which of the following to test a hypothesis?

Ans:- Experiment

Ques:- ‘Inquiry method’  is also knows as

Ans:- Heuristic Methods

Ques:- While teaching “Flower of Brassica campestris”, which of the following would be the best suited method?

Ans:- Field Trip Method

Ques:- The vertical components of Earth’s magnetic field is Zero at

Ans:- magnetic equator

Ques:- Which is the formula of potash alum?

Ans:- K2SO4. AL2(SO4)3.24H2O

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