Solved Question Paper JE (Mechinal) 2018

Ques:- When the molten metal id fed in the cavity of metallic mould by gravity the method of casting is known as

Ans:- Permanent

Ques:- A casting defect which occurs due to improper venting of sand is known as

Ans:- Blow holes

Ques:- Notching is the operation of

Ans:- Removal of metal to the desired shape from edge of a plate.

Ques:- A neutral flame is obtained by supplying

Ans:- Equal volume of oxygen and acetylene

Ques:- In fore hand welding the angle between the welding rod and the work is kept as

Ans:- 30 degree – 40 degree

Ques:- V- Block is used to

Ans:- Check the trueness of flat surfaces, Locate centre of round rods, Check surface roughness.

Ques:- A twist drill is specified by its

Ans:- Shank, material and diameter

Ques:- In shaper, the  metal is removed duing

Ans:- Forward stroke

Ques:- EDM machining is applied for

Ans:- Shaping carbide dies and punches having complicated profile, Making large number of small holes in series and fuel nozzles , Embossing and engraving on harder materials.

Ques:- The work study is done by means of

Ans:- Stop watch

Ques:- The specific gravity of petrol is about

Ans:- 0.75

Ques:- Tachometer in a vehicle measures

Ans:- Engine r.p.m

Ques:- A hydraulic press is a device used

Ans:- To lift larger load by the application of a comparatively much smaller forces

Ques:- When absorvity  = 1, reflectivity = 0 and tra`nsmittivity = 0, then the body is said to be a

Ans:- Black body

Ques:- An under in flated tyre will wear the thread most

Ans:- Near the edge

Ques:- The mechanical efficiency of an impulse turbine is the

Ans:- Ratio of actual work available at the turbine ti the energy imparted to the wheel.

Ques:- The efficiency of a reversible machine is

Ans:- More than 50%

Ques:- Streamlining of Automobile body is done to

Ans:- Minimize air resistance

Ques:- Engine is located in middle portion in some vehicles mainly to

Ans:- Better utilize the space

Ques:- The rolling resistance is because of the  friction between the

Ans:- Tyre and road surface

Ques:- Comporession ratio of a petrol engine is nearly

Ans;- 8 : 1

Ques:- An engine has a clearance volume of 100 cm cube and a swept volume of 800 cm cube. The compression ratio is

Ans:- 9 : 1

Ques:- The frequency of flashing of light per minute in a direction (side turn) indicator is about

Ans:- 80

Ques:- Thinner is added to paint in order to

Ans:- Optimize its viscosity

Ques:- The brake pedal during ABS operation

Ans:- Transmits slight kickback to the drivers foot.

Ques:- The effect of vapour locking on the brake performance is that the

Ans:- Brakes fail completely

Ques:- The main function of master cylinder is to

Ans:- Convert brake pedal force into hydraulic pressure.

Ques:- The problems caused by the wheel imbalance are

Ans:- Steering wheel vibrations and uneven tyre wear.

Ques:- The basic purpose of providing caster angle on wheels is to

Ans:- Maintain directional stability.

Ques:- When the top of the wheel is titled outward, then it is called

Ans:- Positive  Camber

Ques:- An over inflated tyre will wear the tread most near the

Ans:- Centre

Ques:- The disadvantage of radial ply tyre compared to cross ply tyre is

Ans:- Uncomfortable ride at low speed.

Ques:- Another name for the steering link rod is

Ans:- Drag link

Ques:- Spring eyes in case of cars are usually lined with

Ans:- Rubber bushes

Ques;- The coil spring in wishbone suspension is placed between the

Ans:- Lower wishbone and cross member.

Ques:- Two speed reverse gear a`rrangement is generally provided in case of

Ans:- Tractors

Ques;- The maximum torque multiplication ratio in a torque converter is about

Ans:- 2.5

Ques:- A clutch is usually designed to transmit maximum torque which is

Ans:- 150 percent of the maximum engine torque.

Ques:- The maximum intensity of pressure which clutch facing can withstand without being damaged is about

Ans:- 100 kpa

Ques:- For aiming the head lights, the distance between the head lights and the screen should be

Ans:- 7.6 m

Ques:- The most commonly used car heater is the

Ans;- Hot  water tyre

Ques:- A laminated glass when cracking

Ans:- Sandwiched  layer traps the fragments.

Ques:- For measuring clearance between two flat surfaces the tool used is the

Ans:- Feeler gauge

Ques:- Ddometer is an instrument used for measurement of

Ans:- Distance

Ques:- A square engine ia an engine having

Ans:- Bore and stroke equal

Ques:- On the compression stroke the rings are pressed against

Ans:- Bottom of groove

Ques:- A dish in the piston head is employed to

Ans:- Control compression ratio

Ques:- The purpose of piston rings is to control

Ans:- Combustion pressures, Cylinder wall lubrication, Oil consumption.

Ques:- The material used for inlet valve is usually

Ans:- Silico- chrome steel

Ques:- The valves have to be replaced if the metal to be removed for smoothening their end surfaces is more than

Ans:- 0.5 mm

Ques:- For checking the alignment of the crankshaft, the best method is to place it.

Ans:-On its ends

Ques:- Maximum allowable hydrocarbons in the car emission are approximately

Ans:- 100 PPM

Ques:- The position of the PCV valve plunger at idle speed is

Ans:- Towards the valve-outlet side.

Ques:- The material used for cylinder block are

Ans:- Cast iron and aluminium alloy

Ques:- Specific gravity of Diesel is about

Ans:- 0.85

Ques:- The cetane rating of diesel fuel is in the order of

Ans:- 45

Ques:- The function of a governor in automobiles is to

Ans:- Limit the vehicle speed

Ques:- The two rows of cylinders in a ‘V’ type engine are generally arranged at

Ans:- 60 degree

Ques:- The air gap between the central electrode and ground electrode of a spark plug is around

Ans:- 1 mm

Ques:- Which of the following oil is more viscous ?

Ans:- SAE 80

Ques:- The purpose of the thermostat is to keep the engine

Ans:- At desired temperature

Ques:- The fan in the Maruti Car is controlled

Ans:- Electrically

Ques:- The opening pressure of hole type nozzles varies from

Ans:- 17 – 34 m Pa

Ques:- Brake thermal efficiency for S.I. engine usually varies between

Ans:- 25% and 30%

Ques:- To increase output voltage, battery cells are connected in

Ans:- Series

Ques:-The negative plate of lead acid  battery has


Ques:-Any short-circuits in the armature winding may be tested with a


Ques:-Robotic aircraft used extensively by the military is

Ans:- Drones

Ques:- A rear horizontal stabilizer that that controls up and down or pitching motion of the aircraft nose is called

Ans:- Elevator

Ques:- Characteristic of the aircraft that permits you to maneuver it easily and allows it to withstand the stress resulting from the maneuver is known as

Ans:- Maneuverability

Ques:- The last point on an airfoil that interacts with the air flow around the wing is known as

Ans:- Trailing edge

Ques:- The horizontal line that passes through the centre of gravity of the aircraft perpendicular to its flight path is called

Ans:- Lateral axis

Ques:- The study or practice of travel through the air is called

Ans:- Aeronautics

Ques:- The study of forces and the resulting motion of objects through the air is called

Ans:- Aerodynamics

Ques:- An aircraft that is designed to fly without an engine is

Ans:- Glider

Ques:- Which of the following parameters has no effect on the inflow performance of a reservoir ?

Ans:-Production tubing diameter

Ques:- Which is not a cause of sand production ?

Ans:- Running casing

Ques:- Gas lift works mainly through

Ans:- Lowering bottom – hole pressure

Ques:- Which of the following does not change as a result of a well stimulation operation ?

Ans:- Ultimate well recovery

Ques:- Which of the following parameters need not to be considered when designing matrix acidizing treatment ?

Ans:- Formation closure stress

Ques:- The ignition quality of petrol is expressed by

Ans:- Octane number

Ques:- The fuels in order of decreasing knock tendency for spark ignition engines are

Ans:- Paraffin, napthene, aromatic

Ques:- Steam temperature control for the ESD boiler is achieved by

Ans:- Bypassing the superheater.

Ques:- Which of the following fuel oil impurities can cause maximum abrasive damage ?

Ans:- Catalytic Fines

Ques:- If an operating auxiliary boiler has a water pH reading of 7, you should

Ans:- Treat the water with caustic soda.

Ques:- Which term refers to a transverse curvature of the deck ?

Ans:- Camber

Ques:- Thesite of Harappa is located on the bank of river

Ans:- Ravi

Ques:- Who among the following was a contemporary of Gautam Buddha ?

Ans:- Mahavir

Ques:- The famous Khandariya Mahadev temple is located at

Ans:- Khajuraho

Ques:- Whose philosophy is called the Advaita ?

Ans:- Shankracharya

Ques:- The original name of Alauddin Khilji was

Ans:- Ali Gurshap

Ques:- Who after raising a successful rebellion, made Jahangir a captive in his own camp ?

Ans:- Mahabat Khan

Ques:- Goa was captured by the Portuguese in

Ans:- 1510

Ques:- Who among the following first used the word ‘Swaeajya’ ?

Ans:- Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Ques:- The Continental Drift theory is given by

Ans:- Alfered Wegener

Ques:- As we proceed from equator to poles, the daily range of temperature tends to

Ans:- Decrease

Ques:- Which of the following is not a Baltic nation ?

Ans:- Slovakia

Ques:- The vegetation which survives on aerial roots is

Ans:- mangrove

Ques:- Which one of the following does not have coal deposits ?

Ans:- Portugal

Ques:- Which one of the following is the oldest oil refinery in India ?

Ans:- Digboi

Ques:- Which one among the following peaks is the highest ?

Ans:-Dhaula Giri

Ques:-Which Indian city has the highest population, according to 2011 Census ?


Ques:-Which of the following places is not an iron-ore mining area ?

Ans:- Anantpur

Ques:- Who of the following a`cted as the constitutional Advisor to the Constituent Assembly ?

Ans:- B.N.Rau

Ques:- The words ‘Socialist’ and ‘Secular’ were added to our constitution by

Ans;- 42nd Amendment

Ques:- In which part of the constitution, details of citizenship are mentioned ?

Ans:- II

Ques:- The term ‘Cabinet’ is mentioned in which of the following articles of the Constitution ?

Ans:- Article 352

Ques:- The system of Public interest Litigation has been introduce in India.

Ans:- By Judicial initiative.

Ques:- Ministers in a state get salaries as determined by

Ans:- State Legislature

Ques:- The executive power relating to concurrent subjects remain with the

Ans:- Centre

Ques:- ‘Nirmal Gram Puraskar’ is related with

Ans:- Sanitation

Ques:- What was the period of Plan Holiday ?

Ans:- 1956 – 61

Ques:- The Headquarters of SIDBI is located in

Ans:- Lucknow

Ques:- Invisible export means export of

Ans:- services

Ques:- What is the jeweller,s rouge ?

Ans:- Ferric oxide

Ques;- Mushrooms belong to

Ans:- Fungi

Ques:- Which among the following is the richest source of ascorbic acid ?

Ans:- Guava

Ques;- INS Sardar Patel Naval base is located at

Ans:- Porbandar

Ques:- The National Instituate of Ocean Technology is located at

Ans;- Chennai

Ques;- Which one of the following numbers is different from the rest ?

Ans:- 1996

Ques:- As ‘Poster is related to ‘Wall’, in the same way, ‘ Photograph’ is related to :

Ans:- Frame

Ques:- The number of Rajya Sabha seats from H.P. is

Ans:- 3

Ques:- Who was the first Chief Commissioner of H.P. ?

Ans:- N.C.Mehta

Ques:- Khajiar lake is located in which district of H.P. ?

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- Great Himalayan National park is located in which district of H.P. ?

Ans:- Kullu

Ques:- Which Indian short film has recently won Best film Award at Best of India Short Film Festival in Los Angeles ?

Ans:- Shunyata

Ques:- Which Indian para-athlete has recently secured the No. 1 rank in Asia in F 53 Javelin category ?

Ans:- Deepa Malik

Ques:- The 2018 Krishi Unnati Mela has started in which city ?

Ans:- New Delhi

Ques:- India’s first cloned Assamese buffalo male calf ‘Sach-Gaurav’ has born in which state ?

Ans:- Haryana

Ques:- The antonym of the word ‘Verbose’ is

Ans:- Epigrammatic

Ques:- He…………….for her since morning.

Ans:- Has been waiting

Ques:- Meaning of the idiom ‘Wild cat strike’ is

Ans:- Strike not approved by the trade union

Ques:- The eye bolts are used for

Ans:- Lifting of heavy machine

Ques:- The parallel fillet weld is designed for

Ans:- Shear stress

Ques:- Two shafts will have equal strength if

Ans:- Angle of twist of both the shafts is same, material of both the shafts is same, twisting moment of both the shaft is same.

Ques:- Hook’s law holds good upto

Ans:- Elastic point

Ques:- A Concentrated load is one which

Ans:- Acts at a point on a beam

Ques:- When shear force is zero then the moment is……… a point.

Ans:- Maximum

Ques:- If the slenderness ratio for a column is 100, then it is said to be a………………..

Ans:- Long column

Ques:- The type of space la“““““““““`ttice found in alpha-iron is

Ans:- Body centred cubic space lattice

Ques:- Which of the following process of steel making is in operation at Tata Iron and steel Works Jamshedpur ?

Ans:- Duplex Process

Ques:- The property of liquid by which offers resistance to the movement of one layer of a liquid over another adjacent layer of a liquid is called

Ans:- Viscosity

Ques:- Force per unit length is the unit of

Ans:- Surface tension.

Ques:- The process generally used in summer air conditioning to cool and dehumidify the air is called

Ans:- Cooling and dehumidification

Ques:- In the psychometric chart, relative humidity lines are

Ans;- curved lines

Ques:- Mechanical efficiency of a centrifugal pump is the ratio of

Ans:- Energy available at the impeller to the energy supplied to the pump by the prime mover.

Ques:- One cubic metre of water weighs

Ans:- 1000 litre

Ques:- According to the Indian standards, a bolt thread of 6 mm size of coarse pitch and with allowances on the threads and normal tolerances grade is designated as

Ans:- M6 – 8d

Ques:- Traction control system in the automobile controls the

Ans:- Engine power during accrleration.

Ques:- Creep is the belt drive is due to

Ans:- uneven extension and contraction of the belt when it passes from tight side to slack side

Ques:- A spring controlled governor is said to be unstable when the controlling force

Ans:- increases as the radius of rotation increases

Ques:- A Hartnell governor is a

Ans:- Spring loaded governor

Ques:- Which of the following is the correct statement of second law of thermodynamics ?

Ans:- It is impossible to construct an engine working on a cyclic process, whose sole purpose is to convert heat energy into work.

Ques:- Otto cycle consists of

Ans:- Two constant volume and two isentropic processes.

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