Solved Question Paper P.A.T 2017 Himachal Pradesh

Ques:- Fill in the blank with suitable article :

The rose is …………..sweetest of the flowers.

Ans:- The

Ques:- Change the following into Indirect Speech :

He said to me, “ I don’t believe you.’

Ans:- He said he didn’t believe me.

Ques:- Supply a verb in agreement with its subject in the following sentence :

Each of the suspected men……………….arrested.

Ans:- Was

Ques:- Correct the tense in the following sentence :

He just went.

Ans:- He have just gone out.

Choose the correct sentence :

  • When I reached the station the train had left.
  • When I reached the station the train left.
  • When I had reached the station the train left.
  • None of the the above.

Ans:- When I reached the station the train had left.

Choose the correct option :

  • He is having a cellphone.
  • He has a cell phone.
  • He has had cellphone.
  • None of the above.

Ans:- He has a cell phone.

Ques:- Choose the correct option to fill in the blank :

My uncle …………….tomorrow.

Ans:- is arriving.

Ques:- Choose the correct option to fill in the blank ;

I am sure ………..the  exam.

Ans:- Will pass

Ques:- Make a meaningful sentence from the jumbled words :


Ans:- Time and tide waits for none.

Ques;- Change the voice :

Who did this  ?

Ans:- By whom was this done ?

Ques:- Choose the uncountable noun from the following :

  • Orange
  • Egg
  • Oil
  • None of the above.

Ans:- oil

Ques:- Correct the given sentence :

Ten kilometres are not a long distance.

Ans:- Ten kilometres is not a long distance.

Ques:- Correct the given sentence :

I will go to Shimla during summer vacations.

Ans:- I will go to Shimla during summer vacation.

Ques:- Fill in the blank with suitable modal :

How…………. You contradict me ?

Ans:- Dare

Ques:- Fill in the blank with suitable word :

I can’t…………….with incompetence and idiocy.

Ans:- Bear

Ques:- Change the voice :

He will finish the work in a fortnight.

Ans:- The work will be finished by him in a fortnight.

Ques:- Fill in the blank with appropriate word :

Shakespeare is superior………………..Shaw.

Ans:- To

Ques:- Fill in the blank with suitable modal.

We………………….to love our neighbours.

Ans:- Ought.

Fill in the blank with appropriate determiner :

We had ……………..more than we needed.

Ans:- Little

Ques:- Fill in the blank correct option :

I have been ill………………Monday.

Ans:- Since.


Ques:- Ethyne with molecular formula  C2H2 has :

Ans:- 5 covalent bonds

Ques;- Oxides of non-metals are generally :

Ans:- Acidic

Ques:- The valency of an element is determined by ;

Ans:- The total number of electrons present in the outermost shell of an atom.

Ques:- Which of the following metals can displace copper from its compounds ?

Ans:- Fe, Zn, Pb,

Ques:- Which of the following acids is found in tamarind ?

Ans:- Tartaric acid.

Ques:- Heating ethanol at 443 K with excess conc, Sulphuric acid gives which compound ?

Ans:- Ethana

Ques:- Which of the following properties is not shown by metals ?


Ques:- Which of the following metals shows great metallic character ?

Ans:- Na

Ques:- Rutherford’s alpha scattering experiment was responsible for discovery of :

Ans:- Atomic nucleus

Ques:- When electricity is passed through an aqueous solution of sodium chloride, the gas given off at anode is

  • Hydrogen gas
  • Nitrogen gas
  • Oxygen gas

Ans:- None of above

Ques:- Which of the following can be used for making perfumes ?

Ans:- Ester

Ques:- Which of the following is can ore of mercury ?

Ans:- Cinnabar

Ques:- Which of the following statement is not correct /

Ans:- The number of shells in each element of a period is same.

Ques:- Which of the following subatomic particles is not a nucleon ?

Ans:- Electron.

Ques:- The number of water molecules of crystallisation in one molecule of washing soda is ;

Ans:- 10

Ques:- Which of the following can be used as preservative in pickels ?

Ans:- Ethanoic acid.

Ques:- Which of the following is an amphoteric oxide ?

Ans:- Al2O3

Ques:- To which period of the modern periodic table Aluminium belongs ?

Ans:- 3rd period.

Ques:- The isotope of which of the following elements is used for the treatment of cancer ?

Ans:- Cobalt

Ques:- The Ph value of aqueous solution of a salt of strong acid and a strong base is :

Ans:- 7

Ques:- The successive members of a homologous series differ by :

Ans:- CH2 unit

Ques:- Which of the following non-metals is Lustrous ?

Ans:- Iodine

Ques:- What is correct order of atomic sizes of the following elements /

Ans:- Li > B >N >F

Ques:- The number of neutrons in the Helium atom having atomic mass 4 U is :

Ans:- 2

Ques:- Tooth enamel is hardest substance in the body, It is which of the following salts ?

Ans:- Calcium phosphate.

Ques:- Which lens is also called converging lens ?

Ans:- Convex Lens

Ques:- A sheet of paper can burnt by focussing the light from the sun on the sheet of paper by using :

Ans:- Convex lens or concave mirror.

Ques:- F1 and F2 are two principal foci of a convex lens. If an object is placed between F1 and 2F1 then its enlarged, real and inverted image is formed :

Ans:- Beyond 2F2

Ques:- If distances of an object and its image from a lense be u and v respectively, then the magnification produced  by the lens is :

Ans:- m =v/u

Ques:- For a young  adult with normal vision, the near point is about :

Ans:- 25 cm

Ques:- A person can see nearby objects clearly but cannot see distant objects clearly. The persioision called :

Ans:- Myopia

Ques:- White light is dispersed into its seven-colour components by a prism. Which colour is at the the top of the spectrum ?

Ans:- Red

Ques:- Reddening of the sun at rise and the sun set is due to :

Ans:- Scattering

Ques;- What is the unit of electric current ?

Ans:- Ampere

Ques:- A  CURRENT OF 2A is drawn by a filament of an electric bulb for 5 minutes, What is the amount of electric charge that flows through the circuit /

Ans:- 600 C

Ques:- Work done in moving a unit charge from one point of an electric circuit carrying some current to the other point is called :

Ans:- Electric potential difference

Ques:- Which instrument is used to measure the potential different ?

Ans:- Voltmeter

Ques:- If the electric current flowing through a metallic wire of resistance R be I and potential di9fferent across its ends be V, then ;

Ans:-= V =IR

Ques:- How much work is done in moving a charge of 3C across two points having a potential difference of 10 V ?

Ans:- 30 J

Ques:- The device which is used to change the current in a electric circuit without changing the voltage source is called :

Ans:- Rheostat

Ques:- If length of a wire is doubled and area of its cross-section is halved, then the electrical resistivity of the wire :

Ans:- Remains same

Ques:- The electrical resistivity of a conductor depends upon ;

Ans:- Temperature

Ques:- Magnetic field lines are :

Ans:- Closed curves

Ques :- If current through a wire increases, the magnetic field produced at a given point :

Ans:- Increases

Ques:- As we move away from a current-carrying straight wire the concentric circles representing the magnetic field around it :

Ans:- Become smaller

Ques:- The field lines inside the solenoid are in the form of parallel straight lines.

Ans:- Is uniform

Ques:- Electric motor uses electrical energy. Which useful energy we get from the electric motor ?

Ans:- Mechanical energy

Ques:- Who discovered Electromagnetic Induction ?

Ans:- Michael Faraday

Ques:- What is the frequency of AC produced in India ?

Ans:- 50 Hz

Ques:- There wires are used to receive supply of electric power. They are live wire, neutral wire and earth wire. What is the colour of insulations cover of the neutral wire ?

Ans:- Black

Ques:- Which of these source is a conventional source of energy ?

Ans:- Fossil fuels

Ques:- Which process is used to generate nuclear energy ?

Ans:- Nuclear fission

Ques:- How many oxygen atoms form one molecule of ozone ?

Ans:- Three

Ques:- Which of these trees are responsible for the destruction of a large amount of biodiversity in some areas in OIndia ?

Ans:- Eucalyptus

Ques:- Which of these gases is a Greenhouse Gas ?

Ans:- Carbon dioxide

Ques:- If angle of incidence is 0 degree the angle of reflection will be

Ans:- 0 degree

Ques:- Which mirror always forms virtual, ecect image of the size equal to the size of the object ?

Ans:- Plane mirror.

Ques:- If rsdius of curvature of a spherical mirror is 20 cm, then its focal length will be :

Ans:- 10 cm

Ques:- When the object is  at focus of a concave mirror, the image is formed at :

Ans:- Infinity

Ques:- Which mirror is used as a rear-view mirror in vehicles ?

Ans:- Convex mirror

Ques:- A convex mirror has a radius of curvature of 4 m.If an object is located at 2 m from the mirror, what is the position of the mirror ?

Ans:- 1 m behind the mirror

Ques:- An object is placed at 40 cm from a concave mirror of focal length 20 cm. If size of the object is  4 cm, what will be the size of the image ?

Ans:- 4 cm

Ques:- Which mirror always forms a diminished, virtual and erect image of an object ?

Ans:- Convex mirror

Ques:- A lemon kept in water in a glass tumbler appears to be bigger than its actual size when viewed from the sides. It is due to :

Ans:- Refraction

Ques:- Ram seves Rs. 320 during the first year, Rs. 360 in the second year and Rs. 400 in the third year. If he continues his saving in this sequence,in how many years will he saves Rs. 20,000 ?

Ans:- 25

Ques:- The angles of a quadrilateral are in A.P. The greatest angle is three times the least angle, find the smallest angle :

Ans:- 45 degree

Ques:- A ladder leaning against a well makes an angle 60 degree with the ground. If the length of ladder is 19 m, the distance of the foot of the ledder from the wall is :

Ans:- 9.5 m

Ques:- Two concentric circles of diameter 10 cm and 6 cm. The length of chord of the larger which touches the smaller circle is :

Ans:- 8 cm.

Ques:- A bicycle wheel makes 5000 revolutions in moving 11 km. The diameter of the wheel is equal to :

Ans:- 70 cm

Ques:- A copper wire 3 mm in diameter is wound about a cylinder whose length is 120 cm and diameter 14 cm. so as to cover the curved surface of the cylinder. The length of the copper wire used in covering the curved surface of the cylinder is :

Ans:- 176 m

Ques:- Total number of edges in a cuboid are :

Ans:- 12

Ques:- The different between maximum and minimum obervation in the data is :

Ans:- Range

Ques;- Which of the following is not a measure of central tendency ?

Ans:- Standard deviation

Ques:- If mode of the data : 16,15,17,16,15,x,19,17,14 is 17, then x is equal to :

Ans:- 17

Ques:- In a simultaneous throw of two coins, the probability of getting at least one head is ;

Ans:- ¾

Ques:- Which of the following cannot be the probability of an event ?

Ans:- 4/3

Ques:- A bag contains 8 white and 10 red balls. One ball is drawn at random. What is the probability that the ball drawn is red ?

Ans:- 5/9

Ques:- A card is drawn from a pack of 52 cards. The probability of getting a queen of club or a king of heart is :

Ans:- 1/26

Ques:- In a single throw of a die, the probability of getting a prime number is :

Ans:- ½

Ques:- If H.C.F. of (96,404) =4, then L.C.M. of (96,404) is equal to :

Ans:- 9696

Ques:- The number of terms of the A.P. :3,7,11,15,……………to be taken so that the sum is 406 ?

Ans:- 14

Ques:- If 15,a,b,-4 are in A.P..then a + b is equal to :

Ans:- 11

Ques:- Which of the following is irrational ?

Ans:- 0.121412141214…………………

Ques:- The distance of the point (3, 4) from the origin is :

Ans:- 5

Ques:- If each side of a triangle is doubled, then the increase in area of a triangle is :

Ans:- 300%

Ques:- In what ratio is the joining the points A(2,5) AND b(-5, -2) divided by (-1, 2) ?

Ans:- 3:4

Ques:- The area of the triangle formed by joining the mid-points of the sides of the triangle whose vertices are (0, -1), (2, 1) and (0,3) is :

Ans:- 1 square unit

Ques:- If the points (a,1), (1, -1) and (11, 4) are collinear then ‘a’ is equal to :

Ans:- 5

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